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    BronyCon 2018 is upon us!

    Hey guys I just bought my ticket to BronyCon 2018 and Im soo excited! If there is anyone out there that is also going and wants to hang out and share a room PM!

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    5 years of Fimfciton goodness!

    Today is my 5th anniversary fimfiction! I again would like to thank each and everyone of you that read and supported my fics. Don't worry there is more fics coming as well!

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    Happy 23rd Birthday to me!

    I go him for my birthday and he is freaking awesome!

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    The Streaker Series 50th chapter is here!

    Wow guy 50 chapters, 50 freaking chapters! I can't believe My Streaker Series reached 50 chapters that's incredible! I never though it would get so many when I first started this. I only have all of you to thank for this. I hope we can get another 50 in the future!

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    Yo go check out this awesome youtuber!

    Hey guys I just want to metion this youbtuber he is Just a joe average let's player, that focuses on a multitude of games ranging from horror games to first person shooters, and in depth puzzle games like portal, call of duty, and Five Night's at Freddie's. He just wants to provide content that markiplier and pewidiepew create. He has the potential to be great and entertain you for hours on end!

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The Streaker Series mass collab. · 9:24pm Nov 8th, 2015

If you wish to join PM me.

It's a series of one shots, each person does their on chapter and they can do as many chapters as they want.

You have to write about an Anthro mare(s) or EQG girl(s) in extrememly embarrassing nude sitituations. (No OC's)

You can choose any character you want. The rules are as follows:

1. It can be any young to adult mares/girls if you choose EQG. (No old mares or ladies no offense if you are one.)

2. They have to be extremely embarrassed, They can't enjoy it or get off to it in any way.

3. They have to be fully nude, the longer they are nude the better.

4. No gore, futa, masterbation, rape, attempted rape, murder or violence, forcibly stripped is 100% acceptable.

5. 3000 word minimum. Just try to make it a decent length as close to the other chapters as possible.

6. The goodies (boobs, marehood/womanhood) have to be fully exposed at least once but this can be debated if you really dont want to do that.

If you can use gdocs that would be most appreciated, once you are done send me the link to the gdoc here and I'll add it and your name to the fic also you can do as many chapters as you like. if you have any other questions feel free to ask and spread the word about the collab! Have fun and and put a blog out about the collab to see if your followers would like to join, If you want to be add to the group on skype my skype name is Kingofgames10001.

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Comments ( 14 )

Also, you may want to rephrase rule #4. Its kinda hard to understand.

Number 4 is a bit of a kill joy for me as a dark writer... Can I have em trip and break a leg?

3530117 Do you see a dark tag anywhere on the fic? Do you not see the comedy tag? Is breaking a leg funny? No, No you can not, No Violence

3530080 Its percfetly understandable. Oc's? nah

3530131 I see. So, only ponies that are from the show can streak then. Unfortunate.

Otherwise the readers whould have know idea who was streakering and it wouldn't be as funny.

3530156 I doubt it. It doesn't matter who the fic stars, so long as the fic itself is enjoyable. A fic can be utter garbage and contain well known characters.

3530129 define funny, cause I can make breaking something hilarious... It's all about how you write it...

3530750 No breaking anything at all. Are you even going to do a chatper?

3530751 was thinking about it... i had an idea along the lines of lyra and bon bon getting drunk and waking up naked in the middle of manehatten... but seems like it would be too long to be just one chapter...

3530968 Well if you think of something let me know and Ill add you the the group

What? They can't enjoy it?

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