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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.

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Hesitating to identify as a brony now? · 4:08am Nov 3rd, 2015

I'm starting to hesitate identifying myself as a brony now. There's been a lot of major drama and toxicity within the fandom lately and it's making me very uncomfortable.

This does not mean my account names will change, it's too much effort to change it to something else, such as Equine Dusk, my Runescape username (shut up, I know it's a bad game, but it's a childhood game, I can't let go of it)

This does not mean I will stop being a MLP fan. I will still like the show. I will still have a pony OC. I just may not identify as a 'brony' anymore.

This does not mean I will stop doing MLP stories or leave FimFic. I'm staying.

So... I need some time to think about this, but soon, the 'brony' part of my name may just be a keepsake from the past.

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Sorry to hear things have turned sour for you Dusk, but you do what you feel is right for you. I do agree with you thought the brony fandom can get pretty heated. Honestly that's kinda why I stick with my own circle of brony friends and don't really participate with the larger fandom. Anyway hope things work out for you.

Up to you cant change what you wanna do since im not you. Goodday.

If you do want to change your name here, I think Fimfiction does make it a lot easier than most other sites (you can just go to Edit Account and change it directly).


I dunno. Trekkies are pretty respectable. :)

I haven't noticed anything. Nothing bad at all unless you count those people that show up to troll.

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