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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all fathers, biological and otherwise!

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    Tell Your Tale: A Swing and a Misty

    My inner shipper is squealing.

    If you've wanted Alphabittle, Haven, and their respective kids to become a new family unit, this episode is for you.

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    Did anyone actually ask for this?

    So apparently Playtonic is remastering Yooka-Laylee.

    Who asked for this? Who thought this was a good idea?

    A few things, Playtonic:

    1. This game is only seven years old.

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    I have an excuse for not being able to aim straight.

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    Will try and get an update or two out soon, but...

    ...These next two weeks at work are going to be stressful as hell.

    I just have to say one thing, just to get it off my chest.

    If any of my readers are private health inspectors with standards higher than local laws, I just have this to say:

    That is all.

    Good night.

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Well, time to power write... · 10:10am Oct 13th, 2015

I figured the chances of it happening once again were pretty good, because Microsoft STILL hasn't figured out to lock disc-based games that have to install anyway. If this is one of the reasons they want to do away with physical media, well, on that front, I have to say more power to them.

Halo 5 campaign details, including the ending, are out in the wild, so I've gone dark on many of the websites I normally visit. I've blacked out on RoosterTeeth, Waypoint, and virtually every Halo YouTuber I follow.

So that pretty much leaves Facebook, sparingly, and here. So might as well get some writing done in between sessions of GTAV.

Before this all happened, I was enjoying the crap out of all this drama surrounding the REQ pack microtransactions. After reading multiple articles on it, it seems to be some of the fairest microtransactions I've seen so far. Anything you can buy, you can earn in-game.

So I'm probably gonna buy a few during launch week to augment my armor (hopefully I'll get Helioskrill or Recon) and my Warzone armaments.

Then, for the sole reason of pissing those entitled little shits off, I'll buy a few more.

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Comments ( 2 )

Thanks for the warning. I don't want to spoil it until after the game comes out (when I inevitably watch all the cutscenes)

Then, for the sole reason of pissing those entitled little shits off, I'll buy a few more.

Great job! There's nothing that pisses me off more than those entitled pricks creating a shitstorm just because there's microtransactions in a game. You're not being forced to buy them, so why complain? good luck with avoiding spoilers, btw.

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