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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.

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    Do you know what I've been in a mood lately? Castlevania, I'm actually working on a crossover on Fanfiction call Monster Heroes. It's a Castlevania/ Danny Phantom crossover. Give it a read when you have the chance.

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    Yeah, I'm talking about Splatoon again this time about the Turf Wars, actually the teams. Now I just got done playing a few of them, but I didn't have fun this time, why? BECAUSE MY TEAM FUCKING SUCKS! Really, I understand if they are new players, but they don't even try! When I try to head out to ink more turf, the rest stay behind and just stay in the area. It's called a Turf War for a reason!

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    Biometals looks between ZX and ZX Advent.

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F-Zero MLP · 1:00am Oct 12th, 2015

OK, I been looking up F-Zero for a while and thought of two ways I can do in in MLP.

Way 1- Rainbow Dash hears about a new type of race and enters to try her luck. She quickly becomes the worst racer and soon meets a pony going by the name Falcon. Falcon gives her hints to each race she enters. It later learn that there was always a falcon and the name was use by both stallions and mares. Rainbow herself become the next Captain Falcon by really late in the story. She even start giving the same hints to another new racer that she got.

Way 2- This one is a little closer to the F-Zero Series. A human Rainbow Dash has been a fan of the F-Zero races since she was born. She had a dream that she will join it and become the greatest race of all. She was also inspire by Captain Falcon to be part bounty hunter as a nightly job when not racing. Rainbow is able to build her own F-Zero racer naming it after herself and call her racer name The Dashing Rainbow. (Pinkie's idea, Rainbow thinks it too girly but it was stuck by the fans.)

I never play any of the games, but I did watch the anime. I know the English version was cancelled, so I watch the japan version with English sub to watch it. So which way should I start with? Way 1 or Way 2? I'll wait until Wednesday to write. I'm trying to get back in the mood of writing and I want to start fresh.

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Comments ( 3 )

I think the first idea would be cool actually, but that's me. :twilightsmile:

My personal thoughts is way 2 for that seems the best to structure an ongoing story on. That and if you add other charterers from MLP there should be outlets for allowance in the story.

I like method 2 for a long running story. I even like the idea of Dash and Falcon teaming up for a particularly dangerous bounty.

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