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Yeah, yeah I'm working on the new story, calm down.

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  • 132 weeks
    Update on that last update on that last update

    I've thought of some great ideas of where to take The New StalLi-ion, which means that I am officially splitting the story I'm currently writing plans for off of that story. This will give me a bit more freedom with certain things on the new story, along with allowing me to rewrite and continue The New StalLi-ion in such a way that it does not deviate too far from its

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  • 132 weeks
    Update on that last update

    Plans for The New StalLi-ion are going exceedingly well, although the storyline itself is majorly diverging from where I believe I had originally intended it to go. It is diverging so much, in fact, that I have considered marking The New StalLi-ion as Cancelled (or possibly On Hiatus, but for an extremely long time) and

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  • 133 weeks

    No excuses for the lateness, just lazy and forgetful as hell. Sorry.

    In March I went back and reread my own story. Hated a good portion of it, and decided I would rewrite it to ensure it is of decent quality. My old writing is bad, and my plans were even worse -- leading to me being confused about where I had originally wanted to go with the story.

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  • 299 weeks
    Itsssssss a plan, Stan.

    Alright, so I just started University. For me, I don't know if that'll mean I'll be more active, or even less active than I currently am.

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  • 312 weeks
    Is it... is it... IS IT WHAT I THINK IT IS?

    It only took a year, but it's out now.

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The New Stall-Ion Teaser · 4:02am Oct 2nd, 2015

Alright, so this is probably my favorite part that I've written in this chapter so far, so yeah, teaser for chapter 1

     The cool, evening winds slowly rolled over Equis, acting as the small planet's coolant system after a hot day of the sun baking the lands.  It slowly rode over hills and mountainsides, brushing grass and weeds effortlessly out of the way as it smoothly drifted into a light forest, the trees swaying in rythm with the wind's music.  The wind then saw a light gray unicorn, sleeping the day away, and decided that, no, he must awaken.  So it brushed itself against the pony's ear, making it twitch, then come to life, along with the rest of the pony's body.

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