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If friendship is magic, then I'm a f*ckin' wizard.

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    Screw you, you fine aged vanilla coke.

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Would you ride it? · 3:00am Sep 23rd, 2015

Would anyone else ride a roller-coaster called "The Alice Kramden experience"?

Comments ( 7 )

Not unless it was a kiddie ride.

3604369 This ain't no kiddie ride! This is the Alice Kramden experience! (echo echo...)

3604380 I'm afraid of big roller coasters :rainbowlaugh:. . .

3604381 This one goes straight to da moon!

If you don't get the reference, here it is Honeymooners

3604391 LOL :rainbowlaugh: What do you like to do?

3604410 Stand in line and pretend I'm going to go on, only to wimp out at the last second.

3604424 Oh, okay then.

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