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Recovery · 4:02am Sep 17th, 2015

I think I can safely say I've made a pretty decent recovery over these summer months. If you don't know what i'm talking about see my previous blog post and the one before it .In my last blog I thought I was almost fully recovered but booooooy was I far from correct. It still comes up in my mind from time to time but when you consider the emotional wounds it's like I'm being released from the hospital with a healing broken leg.

I still don't know when I'll get back to writing though, I will, for sure, I've had some ideas floating around in my head I want to explore but with martial arts taking up all my energy emotionally and physically I had to set my priorities straight.

Speaking of martial arts I'll give some updates on that.

Tournament is coming up on October 10 and i'm nervous as hell, why? You might ask. You might ask "You did so well last time surely you'll do good this time right?" Well here's my response. Then I was a yellow belt, beginner level. In July I was promoted to Red belt which marks you as an advanced belt. Which means at the tournament I won't be playing with first graders in the school yard, I'm moving up to high school levels with red belt being Freshman. I'll be competing in Techniques and Forms just like last time, BUT, sparring as well for the first time and that is what I'm the most nervous about because i'm just not very good at it. At least by my Dojang's standards. The best I can hope for is to at least not experience a total defeat by 5 to nothing.

Though when I get to thinking about my rank, it baffles me how far I've come over all. I'm literally just two belts away from black. Of course that's still a little over two years, but it's still only two freaking belts left! For any wondering why I say two years is because as a brown and black belt you're testing for Black belt for two years, needing at least 8 stripes to get promoted. So yeah, that takes a while.

In other news my health isn't doing so good but what's new there? The only news I have to report is that I don't just only have GERD like the doctor's thought but LPR as well, which is two diseases involving stomach acid and that's why my gastro doctor keeps telling me I have the worst case he's ever seen. So yay I'm special. I have three options at the moment, keep going on this drug that works really well called Dexilant, the only problem is that it gives a ton of issues in the backdoor so we'd have to find a way to counteract it, option two, go on this other drug that no one wants to be on because of the horrible side effects, option three is surgery which can only happen if I fail all the drug trials. So I'm in a tight spot atm.

Anyway I'll be more active on here again, posting in groups, talking to people, possibly writing, if any of you wanna talk to me I try to be as approachable as possible, I won't find you and stab you I swear.

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Comments ( 2 )

Glad to see you're back and doing better. Hope things go well man.

Happy to see you back in the swing of things. :pinkiehappy: It can only go up from here.

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