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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.

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  • 255 weeks
    What's this?

    Almost.... Almost...

    I'd like to thank everyone who liked Just Yanking Your Chain or any of the JYYC series.

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  • 257 weeks
    Bad News Everyone.

    Now, I know I've been pretty slow on updates recently, and I know a lot of you guys are willing to stick through some humps to get what I can struggle to get out. This is sounding a lot more sexual than i want, sorry about that.

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  • 263 weeks
    New A Spike of Magic Chapter

    The long awaited chapter is here! (And people say I run on valve time...)

    There is also new cover art for the story, so enjoy that (it's a little more exciting than the last one).

    Enjoy, and keep on the watch as I'll be finishing the story ahead of all other projects for the time being!

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  • 274 weeks
    Possible New Avatar?

    Had a doodle of me done by my friend, Newbluud (Go check out his other stuff, this is just a doodle!)
    Think it would make a good profile avatar?

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  • 279 weeks
    Like an old composer, I'm bach

    I'm not dead, as it turns out.

    In other good news, Just Yanking Your Chain 3 is coming soon. And not that valve "coming soon" I've been using. I mean that the story is actually finished, mostly been edited, and is now waiting for it's cover art to be made.

    Anyway, expect that soon. Good to be back, ladies and gentlemen.

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What's this? · 8:36pm Aug 22nd, 2015

Almost.... Almost...

I'd like to thank everyone who liked Just Yanking Your Chain or any of the JYYC series.

Just wanted to stop by because I noticed this and also would like to make an update. The novel is coming along nicely, and all you guys should know that I'm not completely gone from the site, I've just shifted priorities to my novel from my fanfictions. If any of you guys have questions, feel free to leave a comment here or ask me in a pm.

Here's a little celebratory music, for those in the mood.

Report The Story Man · 806 views · Story: Just Yanking Your Chain ·
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Comments ( 18 )

If it counts for everything I was 999... Congrats on 1000 likes!

your welcome good sir, I was your 1000th like, now if you excuse me, my friend is making me read quite possibly the worst fanfic I have had the dipleasure of reading, good day and happy clopping to thee

What kinda novel are you writing?

I'd be interested on the details of the novel.

I know you already said it was based on your D&D stuff, or something along those lines. World building and fantasy. But I wouldn't mind reading an overview of the world. Maybe in the form of a blog post? I tend to like that stuff, as I write a fair bit of it myself.

Congrats on the 1k, though. That was a good read. I think you write Vinyl really well, one of the best versions of her on the site to be sure.

Take it easy

I don't want to reveal too much of the actual story, kind of want to keep is separate from all of this stuff, you understand.
I could send some of the encyclopedia for the universe your way, if you're interested.


I was curious about the genre actually.

Fantasy adventure, you know, kind of like LotR or Journey to the West


sounds interesting, maybe I'll give it a read when it comes out.

Comment posted by The Story Man deleted Aug 22nd, 2015

3339407 if it's not too much trouble, take your time.

I'll def check it out.

Damn! :pinkiegasp: Congrats on the 1,000 likes! :twilightsmile:

...NOW PUBLISH YANKING YOUR CHAIN 4: THE CHAINENING :flutterrage::rainbowlaugh:

Can you give us any ETA on your return?

I hope to have the novel done by January.

That being said, I've only got about 30k words into it, so idk for sure. Still, I'll try to keep up my current pace.

I'm very late into this but I hope if you're still here. Please update or put what ever you made so far. I'vve had your yanking your chain in my favorites for almost 2 years now. If you can read this. Please update

Oh, uh, well if you go to my profile page you can see that I've kind of left the fandom.

Only came back here cause your update made an alert on my phone, actually. Sorry about that, by the way.

Oh alright. Sorry about the inconvenience. Just thought maybe I could give it one last shot to see if there was an ending to this story line. Have a good life.

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