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"To become who you are meant to be. You must first accept your flaws, then make them into your strengths; only then, can you fully be who you are meant to be"

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    My Thoughts: Pony Life edition

    So, here I am minding my own business, when this new show comes out.

    My Little Pony: Pony Life.

    So, yeah. I decided to give it a try. Be a kind human being. All of that jazz, ya know.

    I'll be honest, it took me two tries.

    Try #1.

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    Life Update

    Well, it's likely been over a year. People who were on this site are probably no longer on. But I still pop in to read something every once in a while. Not as much as I would like. As like all of us, I found myself quite busy. With trying to find what I want to do with my life, and who I want to be with.

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    My writing style.

    boy! I'm all over the place! Just looked through all my old stories, the ones I never published. I have to say, what is even my style? What is even my voice?

    Just imagine a mix of Dumbledore, and Morgan Freeman, with a pinch of liam neason. Then add a bit of hammy on caffeine when we get to the exciting parts.

    Anyway, I know what my next personal workshop is going to be.

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  • 166 weeks
    Ready to be back.

    My Hiatus is coming to an end. I'll start by writing stories. That will be later actaully... I'll start by reading stories. Anyway, prepare to see me around commenting on everything I wish to comment On!

    P.S. finally got a girlfriend. Thank her for my return! Oh, and FamousLastWords, he called me up and encouraged me to get my act together.

    See you guys around!

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  • 195 weeks
    Fun fact about my name.

    It was originally going to be Cromegus_Flare... but then I had a mental plip, changed a letter, then liked it and kept it. A day later I thought it looked stupid, but decided to keep it anyway. To this day, I don't regret a thing.

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Update on Life II · 9:20pm Aug 15th, 2015

It's best that I write this now. To sum it up I had three main goals this summer and three minor ones so I'll share those now.

Main Goals-
1. To prepare myself to socially grow in my community. For the past year and one half I had let myself become shut in, excluding myself from multiple family activities, along with friends. So I would join in as many family activities as well as friend activities. These are friends who live close by to me that I can visit in person. As a consequence, my activity on Fimfic and other social media websites will be cut.

2. To prepare myself going to school. This includes jobs and paperwork assignments to be complete. Time will me taken to account and getting a new job will put my psyc to it's limits. In short, I will not be able to write anything during this time. However my ideas will grow so I will record them as much as possible.

3. Find a girlfriend. Nuff said.

Minor Goals-

1. Finish Stranger to Light. This story has been a thorn in my side due to the fact I can see the end, but writing it just becomes telly... though the whole story is telly, what I had for the last chapter was even more redundant and enjoyable. I may need volunteers to help me brain storm solutions. Though I do have an Idea who I would ask help from when I'm ready. The portion I have written is permanent so, I am still in business there.

2. Limit time on the Xbox... Yes, this has been distracting me. Mostly because I have been enjoying time with friends there. I don't often get into video games unless I have some contact with friends... Xbox live has that ability to glue me into some former bad habits. In short, I am being distracted by video games... If I can take that time to write instead of playing, things would work out great.

3. Bet back into shape. I won't say I'm fat, but I have gained a good amount of weight. I can't let that happen so I'll be making a physical enhancement plan to keep myself in working order. This is probably a main goal... I'm still on the fence on that since it's more passive.

So there you have it. Those were my goals for the summer. A few of them are well on course while others are not. Once I have these things in order I will be back to not only writing my stories and finishing some old projects, but I will be back to reviewing stories.

Now, any questions?

Flare out.

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You won't be seeing much of me once the 27th of October comes around.:trollestia:

Knowing you, know, I'm sure all I'll see is your review... which I shall be waiting for.

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