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I'm a goofy fun loving guy who likes to read, write and play video games. My favorite character is Twilight and my favorite CMC is Apple Bloom. I like Spike stories

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Bad News · 11:03pm Aug 2nd, 2015

You all know I try my best to update as quickly as possible, but I won't be able to write for some time. My grandfather found out he has cancer in his bile duct and has only a few weeks to live. I have to spend time with family and despite the fact I love writing my two stories will have to be on a short hiatus. I'm very sorry but when things like this happen you have to be there to help.

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Family ALWAYS comes first. I'm sorry man, take all the time you need.

Oh, gosh, I am so sorry to hear that :fluttershysad: My prayers will be with you and your family during this time. Family comes first, and your stories can wait. Take your time.

I sympathize with you. My grandfather died not to long ago. I saw him on the same day he did. It was painful.
Take the time you need to make his last days comfortable. We'll still be here when you return.

Thanks for all the kind words it means a lot. I'll try my best to write whenever I can. Right now I'm in a car driving to Michigan I'll try to write as I drive over there. Cancer sucks really bad.

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