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I moved here from Fanfiction just to see how well my stories will do here. Of course, I'm not looking for popularity, I would just love some feedback, just to see if I'm going in the right direction.

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New Chapter Preview for Game On! · 12:43am Jul 30th, 2015

So, I felt bad about not updating for a while, so I figured you guys deserve a preview. Keep in mind that it's still a WIP, there might be some grammatical and punctuation errors, and it cuts off abruptly. So, with that in mind: ENJOY!

The next day, Shining Armor lied on the edge of his and Cadence's bed, rubbing his backside and moaning very lowly. Cadence walked over to her husband, levitating an ice bag. While gently placing the ice on his lower back, she asked, "Why did you agree to do this again?"

Shining sucked in a breath, completely surprised that even ice made the throbbing pain worse. "I did it because I assumed that I would win in the end and not be touched by that sadist for a whole week. I thought I was more strong willed than this," he answered. Cadence rolled her eyes and said, "You should have made that deal in the first place and I don't know, just dealt with it."

Shining just gawked at his wife. This can't be right, he thought bewildered, my own wife cannot seriously be telling me that I should have with someone that isn't her. Shouldn't she be in a jealous rage? As if hearing his own thoughts, Cadence sighed, "I should probably be beyond enraged right now, but it isn't like he was raping you. You willfully took the challenge and you lost, so I'm not sure how to feel."

The young prince just sighed. She was right, he could've backed out at any time, sure Sombra would be beyond pissed and he'd do a whole lot worse than just fucking to him the ground if he did that, but it's not like it wasn't an option. He wouldn't dare say this aloud in front of anyone especially Cadence, but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy it. After a bit of silence, Cadence bent down kissed on the lips and whispered, "But, if he does do anything too harmful to you, tell him I'm not afraid to send him under the ice for another thousand years."

Shining nodded to her, kind of fearfully. With that, Cadence left out of the room, leaving her husband to himself. Shining let out a loud sigh and tried to turning on his back so the ice could have more pressure, but ended up groaning at the stabbing pain. Cadence leaned in through the doorway and advised, "You know, you can get rid of the pain by using warm water, maybe you should take a bath."

Inside the bathroom, Shining somewhat limped towards the bathtub and turned the nozzle to the highest heat. As he watched the water go into the tub, he started thinking, I wonder if this'll even work. I hope so, I'm sick and tired of this pain. I might as well get used to it, since I'll be Sombra personal sex toy for a week. This really sucks, he stopped the water when it almost close to the edge. When he was about to climb in a terrifying thought passed through his mind, Speaking about Sombra, I haven't seen him all day. Not during breakfast, not passing down the halls, where is he?

A feeling as if there were eyes behind him, made him tremble out of fear and something else he couldn't put his hoof on. Quickly, he turned around and was not so stunned to see no one behind him, but what he did see was the entrance to the bedroom was open as well as the bathroom door. Using his magic, he closed both doors and locked them. He sighed in relief feeling a little bit safe. He looked back at the tub, walked over to is, and climbed in slowly. After he got in the tub, he started feeling a tiny bit of the pain trickle away. Sighing once more, Shining face-hoofed and said to himself, "Holy Celestia, I'm an idiot. Maybe Sombra isn't really here. I'm getting all paranoid for nothing."

"And you're also being very rude," a voice teased behind him. Shining almost jumped out of skin and literally out of the tub, if it wasn't for the intruder wrapping his legs round his midsection. Shining groaned in annoyance, "Sombra, why are you doing this?"

Shining tilted his up slightly and met Sombra's burning, mesmerizing ruby eyes. A rush of heat spread across the young prince's face to the tip of his ears. Sombra gave a chaste kiss to the prince, causing him to whimper, and answered, "You know exactly "why"."

Shining tensed up when he felt Sombra buck up against his rear, causing him to turn around and face the king. Sombra raised an eyebrow and questioned, "What are you doing?"

The prince felt his face get hotter and explained, "I-It's just that...I'm still kinda in pain from yesterday, so, uh," Shining looked down at the water, embarrassed to finish what he was saying. Sombra stared at Shining confusingly for a bit, but then his eyes widened in realization. The king bent his head down and kissed Shining less innocently than before and said, "I understand."

Shining Armor turned his head to the side in embarrassment and whispered, "Thanks."

Sombra turned his lover's head to face him and pulled him into a deep kiss. Shining whimpered when he felt Sombra's tongue greedily tasting his saccharine insides. Sombra growled hotly and bucked his hips against Shining, causing him to gasp, and started grinding against Shining's stiffening cock.

I know a horrible time to cut off, but my brain ended up frying at that point. So, tell me what you think so far, even though there isn't much to say:pinkiehappy:

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You're a tease, but I like it so far. :pinkiehappy:

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