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  • 227 weeks
    Ode to an Era

    Like many other creators you may be looking at or keeping your eyes on, Little ‘ole me, Mr. Lurks in Other Stories and then Never Posts Anything has a journey to describe to y’all. One that I think will be quite the treat, and one that I’m going to be looking back on for some time to pass.

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  • 337 weeks
    So Today I Found...

    For those that at all care, I was in the middle of writing for this site, as I've struggled to for a long while now. I've had this big, 10k+ word plot going, really throwing my heart at it...

    When all the fucking sudden, I find an anime called Gamers! that is basically an anthro version of t.


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  • 371 weeks
    Anyone interested in Button Mash/ButtonBelle, listen!

    After 1000 years, they've added the Button Mash character tag! Rejoice, as we update hundreds, possibly thousands of fics using this knowledge.

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  • 383 weeks
    The Writing Problem

    Anyone that has followed me for even a month or two, know that while I WANT to upload new stuff, it's been years upon years since I've been able to. I have some stuff in the works, but I can't get it done.
    Now, I feel to hold in my reason any longer is a flat-out excuse. It's not because of life, not school, hell, I'm a middle-class, so no problem with da money. My big issue is...

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  • 384 weeks
    That Moment When...

    I saw the season finale, episode 26. I thought that was the episode released Saturday, but that was episode 23.
    Fuck you, leakers! My friends, avoid leaks.

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Darnit! · 8:10pm Jul 28th, 2015

Me and my brother, who we'll just call Zack, got invited to Comic-Con. Naturally, I would try to get my way into there as well, and see some MLP panels. Do they do Q&As at Comic-Con? However, we're going out, and my sources say it's Saturday.
Better luck next time?

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