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I didn't mean to log in, I swear! It was an accident.

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  • 331 weeks
    50 followers... yay?

    I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this...

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  • 331 weeks
    Okay, Google

    *Googles jury duty*

    The definition Google gives me?

    "Jury duty is hell."


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  • 332 weeks
    Vinyl Scratch grew a moustache

    Yeah. This is what I do with my spare time. :moustache:

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  • 332 weeks
    Filly Celestia is adorable.

    That's all I have to say. :heart:

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  • 332 weeks

    And don't lie and say it's not bad to make me feel better; I purposely made it bad. My only purpose for drawing it was to practice shading. I drew it a while ago when I was bored.

    Oh yeah, and here's a creepy picture that I also drew around the same time, also because I was bored.

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50 followers... yay? · 7:46am Jul 25th, 2015

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this...

Report Elizabeth · 274 views · #50
Comments ( 17 )

Feel glad.

*in a rockers voice* AWWWW YEAH!!!!:yay:

3267842 At 4 AM, all I feel is tired. :ajsleepy:

Get yourself too bed, you fool!

But my bed is all the way upstairs, and I'm too tired to walk up the stairs. :raritydespair:

3267879 This is the advantage of living in Australia... our houses are almost exclusively single story.

We also have less ghosts.

You're a failure at being ignored. :rainbowkiss:

3268619 Yes, yes I am. I gained about 20-30 followers on my very first day. :facehoof:

Hmm. I wonder who got you those?

3270364 So you did what she didn't want to happen?

3271875 I assume you're the downvoter, then.

3271916 That was by accident.

3271920 Ah. In any case, it's my fault. As my first act on the site, I randomly marched up to him and asked him why he was awake so early. Turns out it was 2 AM for him.

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