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Eh...6/10 · 6:44pm Jul 6th, 2015

Dinky's Destiny, posted on Minty Root's youtube page in May, is an excellent example of stunning visual storytelling and imaginative cinematography...better left on mute. With the help of a sizable team it's hard not to admire the work and dedication it must have taken to get this done. All in all I've actually watched this impressively rendered 8 minute prologue a few times since coming upon it earlier today, but if there's any major flaw it's that the sound has much to be desired. The music choices manage to set the tone at appropriate times, ranging from mysterious to fast-paced, but the lack of sound effects (hoof steps, door hinges, general ambient noise, etc) aside from a bell ring near the beginning and a shattering effect toward the end kept me from getting more immersed.

A firestorm had erupted in the comments over the casting and performance of Dinky and mostly Luna, which seems to have taken a effect on whether there will be a continuation. I for one hope Minty Root's group gets a lot of help from the community to get better and see that their astounding talents aren't wasted from less than tactful critiques.

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Yeah, the audio quality in that wasn't great. I also get the feeling that this is a continuation of Minty Root's previous work, Project: Thundercloud. Meaning, well, I don't know what to expect. :applejackunsure:

Project: Thundercloud had excellent character moments for Derpy and Dinky, giving their backstories and showing us their struggles in life. And you know what? If that's all there was to the story, it would've stood up fine on its own. But then they had to throw in the Elements of Harmony and Celestia going mad because she's dying. And by "dying," I mean "going supernova." As if she was literally a star. I actually couldn't finish watching the video because the story simply lost me at that point. :applejackconfused:

From the trailer here, it appears that Minty Root wants to go that same route again by giving Dinky some grand destiny. Hopefully, that'll give the story some focus, and we won't get sidetracked by backstory that overshadows the plot. Oh, and better audio would be nice, too. :duck:

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