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Totally not a flaker

I didn't flake out on you guys... okay, I didn't mean to...

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  • 288 weeks
    Officially Back!

    I lied, again. And it sucks. I somewhat let the few of you that are still left down, and I completely let myself down. So, now, I have a mission to not do that again. I have a laptop now, and I can get on here more often now that it's summer. Let's do it! Smack me if I don't!

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  • 307 weeks
    Scratch That Again

    New story, bad idea.

    New new story, decent idea.

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  • 309 weeks
    Story Idea

    So, what if I wrote a story, that was dark, what would a better title be?
    "Perspective of a Villain,"
    "The Perspective of the Dark."

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  • 310 weeks
    Scratch that

    I've been gone for so long, I've forgotten how to edit and/or delete blog posts. It's like being new all over again. Is it even possible?

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  • 310 weeks
    Alive, and reinvented.

    Hey guys.
    I know there's probably only a small amount of you who still wonder where I am, and whether or not I'm coming back. I've disappeared for a long while now, and it's time I give that select few of you and explanation. So, here it is.

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Bored · 3:31am Jul 4th, 2015

If anyone wants to Skype chat, please feel free to add me. I'm soooooooooo bored.
Skype name: hurricanebash
If you can't find me like that, try Ace Pilot.

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