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  • 141 weeks
    Stormrider is Out!

    Finally, after all this time, I've gotten Stormrider where I wanted and have posted it. This is my final new story before I start going back to my older ones. I know this project has been heavily delayed, but no more! The Stormrider

    -Cheers for That!

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  • 155 weeks
    Small Update

    I am still around and I have been writing more. I just haven't released anything as of late. The main story I have been working on is The Stormrider. I have 7 chapters written and my plans extended to further chapters. Expect it soon. I'm trying to decide a good day to release it and Eagles, you may get an early look at it.
    That is all

    -Cheers for That!

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  • 159 weeks
    The Writing Rut

    So.....where to begin?

    Hello! My Eagles, yes you, you reading this blog, you may have noticed something about me.....well....you've noticed my severe lack of updates or writing in general.

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  • 171 weeks
    Want a Hearth's Warming story?

    So, yes, I have thrown my entry into the rising pile of Christmas/Hearth's Warming fictions. This one is about Starlight with the help of Spike, getting Trixie a Hearth's Warming gift. It's the first time Starlight has ever done such a thing and she needs help.

    So will she get Trixie the best Hearth's Warming gift? Well, she may give something she didn't expect.

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  • 171 weeks
    Newest Story: Applejack Western

    Like Red Dead Redemption?

    Like Johnny Cash?

    Like Applejack badassery?

    Like Apple Sisters bonding?

    Like them all in one?

    Then Gonna Cut You Down is the story for you!

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The Future....? · 9:40pm Jun 30th, 2015

With Harmony's Creed close to ending (maybe), I have decided to show you guys my (maybe) future stories. If you've seen some of my last posts, some may be familiar.

Harmony's Creed: Brotherhood (name pending). NOT a Harmony's Creed sequel, BUT a remastered version. In my constant quest to one-up myself, I may redo Harmony's Creed's universe and story AFTER the original one is finished. This one will NOT have a similar story. This story WILL have the same characters (beside the villain).

Short Change Hero. Borderlands crossover. Starlight has taken over all of Equestria, renaming it "One Equestria." All the ponies have been forced away from their cutie marks! Well, not all, because then we wouldn't have a story. There were some who resisted, who went out in search of the trapped cutie marks. They were the Cutie Vault Hunters. Their mission was simple: free the cutie marks and overthrow Starlight Glimmer. Easy right? Well, if she didn't have an army behind her and if One Equestria wasn't so damn crazy...

Works of Equity. Death Note crossover. Starlight Glimmer, the visionary and mayor of Our Town, has found a Death Note. Double Diamond is scared of it, she doesn't believe its nonsense. Not until she discovers its true powers of course. Could this be the answer to worldwide Equality?

Jukebox Hero. How and why did Sunset Shimmer learn to play guitar? Well, she heard one and it blew her away...

Princess of Heists. Twilight is bored. REALLY bored. She, the Princess of Friendship, has nothing to do. No problems to solve, no diplomats to talk to. She needs to have problems, challenges, and something entertaining. How about team-building exercises? Of course! And what better kind of teamwork exercise than robbing banks?

THIS does NOT mean I'm quitting my other stories. It just means my head is still spinning with ideas.

-Cheers for That!

Report Gapeagle · 345 views · Story: Harmony's Creed · #Harmony's Creed
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Comments ( 9 )

Brotherhood and Heists sound interesting. Death Note was never a anime I enjoyed though and the Sunset Shimmer story would be a good one shot.

3195268 Never liked Death Note?????


I tried to watch it, I really did. Just not my cup of tea. Then again I am more the giant robot/epic war anim fan. Give me Macross or Code Geass or Gunbuster and I'm your man.

Sign me up for the Brotherhood, Equity and Heist and throw in jukebox hero while your at it.

3195625 Jukebox Hero is going to be a one-shot, so I can easily fit it in there.

Jukebox Hero sounds great, it is a great song and all! The Brotherhood story sounds good but my concern would be that it would end up feeling to much like Harmony's Creed and it would not be able to differentiate between both stories. Either way keep up the good work!

3195830 Differences so Far:

Starlight is the villain (Templar Grandmaster)

Twilight is not like Twilight (you know what I mean)

Shards and Elements are profound from beginning

Lyra has bigger role

Octavia actually has a backstory

Vinyl actually has a backstory

3rd person, not 1st person

Celestia and Luna have FAR bigger role and VERY different backstory

Minuette has bigger role

Animus may not be in story...haven't decided yet...

Story will follow Octavia and Starlight. Not the other Bearers.

Read first chapter (WIP) here: http://www.fimfiction.net/chapter/718843


Wait Octy does not have a back story in Harmony's Creed! I like what you did for her in the story. Plus yea that would drastically alter the story so I am all game for it!

iI need a password to see your chapter idea Pm it to me please.

3196088 The heck? I thought I published the chapter....That usually gives access....

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