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I believe that stories help us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what is broken in us, and to help us become the people we dream of being. Lies that tell a deeper truth.

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  • Friday
    Grind Time

    Been grinding F1 2021 this past week or so and damn it feels good! I've brought McLaren to the front of the pack against Mercedes and Red Bull:yay: And the US Grand Prix is this weekend, so I don't have to wake my ass up at 7:00 AM which is good:rainbowlaugh: Also the holiday season is approaching and a lot of games are coming up. Halo Infinite looks amazing, even with the missing content,

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  • 6 weeks
    Hey hey!

    So it's been a minute:twilightsheepish: I'll try and post my usual random things more frequently. But life has certainly been keeping me busy! In a good way! So I've been wanting to get into some good RTS games and I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for someone who hasn't touched one in a while. The only RTS games I have experience with are both Star Wars. :rainbowlaugh: Empire

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  • 15 weeks
    F1 2021

    Wooooooo! Almost here! One more week! Really stoked to try the new story mode. It is a shame for the Braking Point story you can only choose between five teams and McLaren isn't one of them. But I shall be working to make Williams great again!:yay: Anyone else gonna be picking up the new F1 game?

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  • 17 weeks
    A Samsung S7 Repair

    So today I was working in our lovely repair shop when a customer comes in with an S7. Said he needs a new charge port because the thing's just not taking a charge. Alright, fair enough. One small design flaw though with S7's, the charge ports are incredibly hard to remove without destroying the screen in the process. So I quote a screen and charge port.

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  • 20 weeks

    Random blog time! Damn, so much going on in life right now and so little time! But in a good a way:pinkiehappy:

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Another · 4:26pm Jun 29th, 2015

I know it's not the video I've been promising, but I did it and then decided it wasn't good enough, so now I need to do another one. So just bear with, I swear to God I'll do it as fast as I can. But I'm working until late tonight, so I might not have time to do it today. I'm really sorry about the delay.

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Take all the time you need, and good luck. :heart:

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