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  • 451 weeks
    It's back!

    No one wanted it. no one needed it. the world was a better place without it, but it's back! part 1 of the naan trilogy after some issues has returned and has been 'revisioned' as in we took care of what removed it to begin with.

    Totally needed link

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  • 458 weeks
    This site needs some CPR

    if anyone feels like talking, hit me up. it's so quiet here.

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  • 460 weeks
    It has been a quiet couple of weeks...

    the past few weeks nothing much has happend here and now to join in on this little trend I'll be going away for a whole week. not that anyone will really care but there you go *shrugs*

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  • 462 weeks
    The end is close.. oh wait IT'S RIGHT HERE! *dies*

    You have been disappointed, questioned your life, possibly considered wandering forever, but for those of you who made it through somehow. here is your reward!


    you thought it was over after 3 part? well my friend.......... you were correct.

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  • 463 weeks
    Naan II (Revenge of the naan bread) now has it's own reading!

    Continuing the trend of Naan I, Naan II now has it's own reading.
    featuring the lovely voice of Lesbian Adagio dazzle and Fluttercord forever.
    (and an ear rending scream by Vital Spark)
    so enjoy. Naan III isn't far away now~

    No. i do not blame you for questioning our mental state.

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Is this a thing now? i think it's a thing now · 12:08pm Jun 20th, 2015

well here you go. enjoy. or don't, it's up to you really.

1) Name: Sonata
1.5) Real name: Lars
2) Birthday: 04/01/98 (this is non american no it's day/month.year)
3) Nickname: Wobbel. (long story)
4) Eye Colour: Blue/greenish
5) Hair Colour: very, very very very dark brown. (without direct light it basically looks black, but it isn't)
6) Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
7) Your fear: Losing close ones.
8) Your perfect pizza: one with no pizza and more pancakes, i don't like pizza. please don't stone me for that ;_;
9) Goal you’d like to achieve: Get engineering degree, learn to play the drums and going buck wild on it.
10) Your best physical feature: ... I'm slim? that's about it really.
11) Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
12) McDonald’s or Burger King:McDonalds. i don't even like most burgers.
13) Adidas or Nike: This question is for people who give a damn about what the wear.
14) Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
15) Cappuccino or coffee: I don't drink coffee. i have plenty of energy to go around.
16) Smoke: Nope! can't stand that crap.
17) Curse: I do my best to restrain myself, but some people really ask for it.
18) Sing: In the shower, alone by my self.
18.5) Sing well: probably not.
19) Dance: again. if I'm alone and no one can see me, i might think about it.
20) Take a shower everyday: If i remember to do so.
21) Have a crush: Nope. I'm heartless.
22) Want to get married: I refer you to question 21.
23) Get motion sickness: a little, i can't read in a car.
24) Think you’re attractive: Nope.
25) Get along with your parents: My mother yes. my father... i wouldn't say no but it's not great either.
26) Flashed anyone: a mirror maybe. poor mirror.
27) Been beaten up: i got a black eye from my brother once, but he got one in return so it's fine.
28) Shoplifted: I would never get away with that.
29) Eaten Sushi: I don't like fish. (i know I'm a picky eater, shut up)
30) Been on stage: a school play once. didn't like it.
31) Made homemade cookies: i homemade Home Made cookies. it's a brand here >_>
32) Gone Skinny dipping: nope.
33) Stolen anything: not contiously atleast. i might have forgotten to put a few things back.
34) Had sex: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!
35) Done drugs: While i could legally smoke weed here, no.
36) Gotten drunk: I've had alchohol only once in my life.
37) Had a random hookup: Nah, I'm underaged.
38) Ran out of gas: after a really long fart... what do you mean that isn't the question?
39) Been arrested: Nope. i am not a criminal.
40) Been in love: nope, again. I'm probably just heartless

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You don't like pizza? How does one not like pizza? It... boggles me how this is a thing. Don't worry, you're not alone in not liking pizza. I have a friend who doesn't like pizza, chocolate, root beer floats, most kinds of sandwiches,

Still. You seem nice, and i don't judge. I just have an academic interest in how people don't like pizza.

3184417 well. it's pretty easy to explain. when i eat pizza. my taste buds tell me it doesn't taste good.

3184433 :twilightsmile:*scribbles notes* "Fascinating... and does it hurt when i poke you with this science doohickything?"

What the story behind Wobbel? if you don't mind me asking.

3184449 well. no but it is mildly annoying,

3184458 i don't.

Wobbel was a character i played at a LARP (live action role play) who was a goblin, not very smart and just downright a dangerzone. the larp was nutorious for killing most of the players yet through sheer luck he survived the whole event.

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