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    Knight of Equestria - The Novel

    Knight of Equestria is a novel about the pony who through the arc of the story becomes Songbird Serenade, and, against her desires and often better judgement, saves other ponies. Her methods makes her think she is evil, and she slowly learns what it means to be a hero: Not Normal. The story was written as a series of five novellas, and they connect into one continuous novel over

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    New Story for "Music Ponies Day" at Equestria Daily

    Because Octavia and Vinyl Scratch day at Equestria Daily is also to be about other music ponies like Coloratura, Sapphire Shores, and Songbird Serenade, I finished and released another Songbird (Flopsy Mopsy) Serenade story. It’s

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    Blank Page Syndrome

    What is Blank Page Syndrome? It's avoiding starting to write. It can take many forms. Apathy. Avoiding the room where your writing device sits. Finding yourself sweeping the floor for the nth time or playing a game when you were definitely sure you were about to get started.

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    Next up: The Runaway Bodyguard

    In the Enforcer and Her Blackmailers, I hinted at Starlight Glimmer's sketchy past, which allows her to be blackmailed. She starts the story with PTSD thanks to epic life and death battles, and hints at how she was a gangland bodyguard, the best of the best, until her patron became too stupid to live. The TV

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    The GATE is Completed

    For those that weren’t following closely, The GATE is completed. 797 views and 52 upvotes. If you haven’t upvoted, please do.

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Finding Her Voice in No Fault of Her Own · 11:53am Jun 20th, 2015

As a Doctor Who fan, I know his voice. The series was in its first syndication in the US when I first heard his voice on UHF TV and first saw the scarf. Her voice, that I expected to be much harder. But then she spoke, simply and honestly, full of loneliness. I knew how to proceed, first person and personal. About her cutie mark and her pain, and unexpected epiphany.

Sometimes when this happens, I almost want to put the character's name on the by-line.

Now to clean it up and publish by early Sunday evening.

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