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Well... · 3:17am Jun 10th, 2015

As mom told me, I'm almost back to normal. Not quite. I talk normal, and for the first time in a week, I'm off all medication... seriously questioning my smarts on the pain bit. Haven't had any in my system for three hours. Yes, I'm not loopy, but pain makes me crabby, I'm not sure which one is worse.

Besides the sounds that took me forever to learn to say to begin with, K, R, Oi, Ough, or, P... and a few others. My speech has almost cleared up completely. I really made a mountain out of a mole hill with this one.

I did try to whistle today, and that special one that I've yet to meet someone else who can do it, to my surprise is actually easier to do! So instead of me only being able to do it for two seconds, I can now do it for five or six... This means I get griped at for doing it sooner. :rainbowlaugh: The dogs even howl! Think Slide whistle when your blowing too hard... yeah. I'm a troll. :trollestia:

Eating is still a challenge, The holes in the back of my mouth still have another five days or so before they clear up, so I'm not out of the woods yet. And the front tooth... Well... I'm told I have to continue to eat soft stuff for another 2 months. :ajbemused: No steak... none. Zilch... No torteias... none... And I'm having to cut up my food like I was feeding a baby!

The good news is... let me back up. I clean houses for a living, and lucky me, My weekly job is on vacation this week. Last week I gave them a heads up on the maybe... Never know when you go to a dentist what will get into their heads. So I won't have any hard work till next week.

Math problem. 4G= 1V... I've got a lot of house cleaning to catch up on. Reason 152 I hate getting sick, it takes me ages to get back on top of my daily stuff again.

Well, there's the update... I'm doing better. I still hurt, but I'm done with the meds.

Till Next Time.

Cowgirl Out.

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Comments ( 10 )

You have my prayers and sympathies.

3136193 Thanks. It's been a journey. And a whole lot of writing content.

As soon as I read that math problem, my brain automatic solved for G...
....Ya.... I can't not do math... :twilightblush:
A friend of mine had some teeth removed. I hope I don't have to, my wisdom teeth I can see and feel growing in. They aren't causing any discomfort so I think I'm good. Plus my dentist said I have a big mouth so I might not have to worry about that...
But I can't imagine what it would be like to have to endure that...
You'll have my prayers.

3136259 I have a small mouth... I can fit in a Five year old's helmet... So I'm pretty small. And they started coming in WAY too early. I was 13... All my teeth have come in early, I knocked my first tooth out when I was three... It's a bit of the sideaffect.

It's been a journey, and one I can't wait to be over. But I'm getting back into the swing.

G stands for Glitter, V. stands for me... LOL Mom did up the problem! :rainbowlaugh: She's so grateful to have me back on top of things. I love my sis, but housecleaning just isn't her thing.

Haha, I see. It's not exactly my thing either. I can manage, but there's more efficient people... :twilightblush:
I told my friend about your "equation" today, and how my automatic response was to solve it G=1/4V or 4G=V.
We then solved the equation, ( because we were bored... Very bored, and had nothing better to do) and we came out with G=1 , V=4.
Ya... that's about it...
That's the most basic solution, of course it would still be correct if you used bigger numbers, or smaller, but these are the simplest....

Ok I'm done:twilightblush:

3141198 LOL yeah. I'm glad you had fun with the problem.

Ya... we're easily entertained:twilightblush:
math is life :twilightsmile:

3141704 Since I have Two Math Professors in the family, Yeah, I agree.

2... professors.....
Well, I envy you.:twilightblush:
That would be a lot of fun to talk to/ mess around with numbers with them...

3162000 Sure is. LOL, it was funny too, we walked on campass, and every math teacher, english... and a few more knew who we me longed to. Evenjoy if they didn't know our names. It was pretty cool.

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