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I'm Zero. I'm an author-in-training who's using this site as a way to improve his potential. My favorite characters are Rarity, Sunset, and Zecora.

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Zero Blogs: Vinyl Scratch · 1:01pm Jun 8th, 2015

Those of you who read Shine would remember me talking about how in the novelization of the Rainbow Rocks shorts, Vinyl Scratch, despite having a major role, doesn't speak a word. Instead, she communicates through text messages instead of dialogue. You'd also remember how when I wrote Vinyl, I did the same thing, holding her to the fanon of being completely mute.

And judging by the latest trailer for the big 100, that fanon seems to be canon. With Vinyl being onscreen for a couple of minutes but not speaking at all.

Now of course, I'm not the only one who thinks that. There was another commentator on the story who held the same belief and was glad I shared it. And I've found an ask Vinyl blog called muted-sounds that used the concept to a very tear-jerking effect.

But what does that mean if it's true? How will it affect the fandom? There's a big difference between people who stay quiet and choose not to talk (like Ferb) than characters who are physically unable to talk.

I've already written a (rather dark) drabble on pony!Viny's muteness, and I imagine that more stories like that would appear if it does end up true with Scratch struggling to cope with being unable to speak. Or maybe interacting with others sans dialogue.

It's an interesting thought. What do you guys think?

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Comments ( 4 )

No matter what happens in canon, the voice of Nowacking will always be Vinyl's voice to me. Like this:

3135385 I think you're asking this question on the wrong page. But anyways, Searing is the name I bestowed upon Sunset Shimmer's demon form due to its lack of official title. Because it fits with her whole fire motif.

I really, really, really hope vinyl is physically mute. I would love a vinyl who can't talk unless shes comfortable / just perfers not to talk too, but a vinyl like that wouldn't be as dear to me as a physically mute vinyl. but honestly, it doesn't have to be about her "struggling to cope with being unable to speak." I mean, yeah, its hard on me sometimes, but that's mainly because society, at least american society, is pretty much against any sort of disability. but in my daily life at home? I'm fine with being mute, its a part of me and I wouldn't give up being mute.

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