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Nighttime Bellows

Lord of the dark; Nighttime Bellows, is a Creature that is made of pure darkness. Bent on destroying Disord.

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  • 217 weeks

    I'll personally will let you know each major update I have and open a pm port. If you don't want to be pm'd every major update. I'll set up a list who doesn't want pm.

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  • 217 weeks
    Like most people would read this since i got no followers.

    The plot line is basic for my book.

    kid has a fun life all the way to the end. Haha I say no.

    Human in Equestria? over done.

    Plot twist near the end of book or middle, could be both. not original.

    Near death stuff? please i go for after death.

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  • 239 weeks
    Morning folks

    Last night gave me a few story ideas.

    A pony born a rebel, help with the war at hand in anyway she could. But as the war ended, her rebellious side kicks in. Showing her strength, being stronger than any earth pony ever to be born.

    Her name is Winterus, a wild child.

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  • 239 weeks
    At long last.

    I'm almost ready to come back more fully onto this site. Just need to flush out a few things and set up my charging bay, so. I can be mobile. I also will be able to be online throughout the day, BUT! I will be offline right after school ie 1500 hours. I'll be back online the next day. With either an update of a book or News of this account.

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  • 257 weeks
    Name change, Profile update, and A NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am proud to announce that I'm finally starting the series! With it there will be weekly updates on weather, or not i have time. Or how it's going persay the percent of how much is done. Right now as we speak I'm going through the last of my ideas before i start. I also have the prologue all set up like it needs to be. I just have to write it down/edit/proofread it then i should be set!

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DERPY HOOVES! · 11:03pm Jun 6th, 2015

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Comments ( 5 )

Shipping Music Meister and Fluttershy for this s

ong :

3128390 Then everyone starts dancing and dropping! I have an idea for that thing you just put there. HMMMMMMM what should he look like in this book though. Let's just stick with a black pony that have a clock on for start. And see where it goes. I think we can get quickie out of this.

3128562 Have you heard of the suicides of Lavender Town?

3128874 a creepypasta revealed :

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