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I'm easily distracted · 10:07pm Jun 4th, 2015

Someone mentioned a small pony and a small human being small friends in a big, mean world.


It's dark tonight, and the view through the window is almost black. Almost. A thousand pinpricks of light pepper the ceiling outside, plus a dozen Glo-in-the-Dark stickers. It's just enough to see by as you sit down to join her.

"You ever wonder what's out there?" Sweetie Belle asks, barely above a whisper. She nibbles quietly at the edge of her cookie and chews it thoughtfully. "What the house is like past the window?"

"Sometimes." She passes you the cookie and you take a nibble. Nice of Rarity to drop one earlier. It's crumbly and sweet, with a hint of spice... a snickerdoodle, maybe? "But we'll never really know."

"You've heard stories, though, haven't you?" She tugs the cookie back for a bite and pouts, her cheeks full of crumbs. "Pleathe?"

You sigh. "Well..." It's only scuttlebutt. Things you've picked up from Rarity and the other big ponies while scavenging. Still, if she wants a story, you can give her that much. "They say the place past the front door isn't another room in the house at all. It's some place... outside."

"Outthide the houthe?" Sweetie Belle swallows. She wipes her mouth on the half-napkin half-blanket and cocks her head. "Come on, I said I wanted a story, not a fairy tale!"

"It's true!" you insist. "That's what they say! And the lights out there?" You wave your arm out over the little pinpricks through the window, smaller than the smallest crumbs. "They call those stars. They hang in the sky."

"The sky?"

"It's like a ceiling," you tell her. "But for big ponies."

"Wow..." Her eyes widen. For a moment it looks almost like she really believes. But no - she shakes her head and laughs. "You had me going there for a minute!"

"Yeah..." you chuckle. It probably isn't true, and even if it was, it wouldn't matter. The world past the window is for big ponies, and it's not a place for either of you. "Yeah, I guess I did."

She yawns. "Well, that's enough for tonight." She cuddles up in her napkin-blanket, ducking her head under the covers. "Good night."

"Sleep tight." You pat her lightly through the blanket and yawn yourself. You should be going to bed too, but... something about the stars outside keeps you watching. Just a little bit longer.

Soon enough, little, muffled snores come from the tiny pony beside you. She's asleep. You should be, too. Still, the thought of the world outside. The big, unknowable world past the window... You can't help but wonder.

"We'll see it someday," you whisper. "Promise."

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