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    Happy Black Friday!

    First off, enjoy 25% off everything on the Spreadshirt shop!

    And while you’re at it, use the coupon code SAVE30 to take 30% off the Rainbow Factory book!

    Happy shopping!

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    This blog serves to compile links to all known translations of my stories. When available the original source is linked, but I have backups on my GDrive available as well.

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    Grim Narrator finished and uploaded a massive project on Halloween, a fully voiced Rainbow Factory reading—complete with backing art of each scene!

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    A New Generation of Grimdark

    October 28-31, 2021

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Scenarios · 12:05pm Jul 12th, 2012

I have hundreds of ideas.

Hundreds of tiny thoughts and scenarios in my head that I will never, ever complete or refine, yet they occupy space.

I need them out.

So I’ve started writing them in a document, one designed to trap the thoughts, not one to sit in my Drive and threaten me and guilt me for never finishing it.

I present to you fine folks who follow me for my writing, some of my actual (unedited) writing.


(I'm posting this to my tumblr because it's not nearly long enough to be considered a story)

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Comments ( 3 )

Oh, hey, Rum Trotters. Was wondering if you'd do something from that.

Good writing. :twilightsmile:

I have that same problem. I have like six ideas stuck in my head and it's making it hard to complete just one of them.

Same here. I have some ideas that many people say were really good but as soon as I start writing it, I completely loose interest in writing. Not sure what it is but I blame the blinking vertical bar. And in some cases, Hasbro decides to find a way to destroy it completely with the addition of one character or plot element. :trixieshiftleft:

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