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I have bad news...... · 9:01pm Mar 14th, 2015

Hera think.....that we should break up.......due she been teased and alot of people say were not supposed to be together like her parents and and her friends...............:fluttercry:

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2877029 .........I really hate ppl now......:ajsleepy:

2877044 .............I really hate it....:fluttercry:

2877046 Why must bad things happen to good people?

Dude have you lost your mind?

2877050 This not the 1st time this have happen to me.

2877053 What the hell? Why did you ask that? :ajbemused:

That is stupid no offense let her go. If that reslly is her excuse then lt her go. Fuck this you can do better if she won't fix it.

2877061 I understand the parent part but just because people are saying stuff about it shouldn't mean you two should break up.

2877054 It's things like this that make me despise humanity.

2877064 ..........This is not stupid.:ajbemused:

2877068 Fine but still breaking up probably won't solve it.

2877082 Why you think it me that say it!? :ajbemused:

2877085 I didn't I read the blog but I never aimed it to you I was simply saying that it was wrong.

2877090 why did you say this "Dude have you lost your mind?" ?:ajbemused:

2877099 Apologies, I was dealing with some stressful matters when I wrote it. Sorry for the mistake.

Comment posted by thelaidbackguy deleted Mar 14th, 2015

2877112 Don't do that please I'm not in the mood to lose my temper. I'm sorry for the mistake I made.

2877118 ......Why did this have to happen to me? :fluttercry::raritycry:

2877124 I don't know why but things can change and she will come back to you again.

2877133 Because you two love each other

2877144 Don't be like that, Hera is different than other girls you dated, she still loves you

2877155 Yeah.............what....can....I...do.......

2877161 Try to see if you two can get back together again

2877177 me and her not break up yet

2877181 Sorry misread it. Perhaps she can lie to her parents about breaking up so they can leave her alone

2877217 help me out....I really need it....

2877225 I'll see what I can do but she's offline right now. Her PMs stopped working so I'll talk to her when she logs back on.

2877240 Just sent her a PM, hopefully she doesn't mind.

2877251 I don't get why alot of people say me and her not supposed to be together....:ajsleepy:

2877254 To be honest I don't know why

2877255 I guess.........It due to....I am 21 and she is 15...?:ajsleepy:

2877261 Age shouldn't matter much in this case. She's not the only one on this site dating someone older.

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