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I had some fun with this review. · 7:02am Feb 4th, 2015

From The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group

Booking for Velvet
By Mr Ghostman

Reviewed by Rinnaul

So, I see “incest” and anything involving the Sparkle family, and exactly one thing comes to mind.

And you have my interest.

But then I realize it’s tagged for their parents, and it actually says “incest roleplay”. And then… I’m still at least kind of interested, because mature fics about those two are surprisingly rare, and I’m still riding that TwiShine train of thought, so I’m expecting something unique.

I mean, a couple engaging in sexual roleplay of their own children’s incestuous relationship? That is some kinky shit. And it would have played perfectly into my crackfic headcanon that the Sparkle household is a sordid hive of debauchery.

To clarify: crackfic headcanon (n.) — Personal theories about a subject which one does not believe could actually apply to the source, but are instead a source of lulz or crackfic fuel.

And then it turned out it was just generic age-play with an incest twist. You know, female partner plays mommy?

I don’t understand why you people can’t just cater to my whims.

But, this grows over-long for a funny header. Let us discuss this matter further in the actual review.

Quick Recommendation: A writing style that tends towards the simplistic, weak sex, and some strange characterization, mean this is really only worth a read if it really hits your fetishes.

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