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Hello! I am a depressing girl with an odd love of miniature equines and Homestuck. I have a crippling addiction to Anime, but other than that I'm somewhat sane!

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    A friend who needs love.

    Ok, I have no clue what to say here. Everyone knows Blue Ice Tales, right? So he is fricking thinking me thoughts minus suicide, and has changed his name to 000. Just go look him up, read his latest blog. Comment, make him understand. We care. Oh, and dont read my comment.

    Zel for da win...

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    Since I absolutley must do something stupid, I shalt use DRAGON SLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Betcha none of ya know what this is from.

    *presses fingers to forehead and begins*

    Darkness beyond twilight
    Crimson beyond the blood that flows
    Buried in the stream of Time is where your power grows.
    I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand
    Befoew this mighty power bestowed in my unworthy hand.

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    Ask me aything!

    Ask me anything other than personal info, including phone number. A, K, and I, AK the Triforce of weirdness(for now) will answer. If you have a question for a specific one of us, I am the Triforce of Time, K of Roness, and A of fandomness. Simply refer to the one you ask as A, K, Crystal, or our triforce names. If you do not state whom you ask, I will have one of us randomly anwer.

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    A bio of myself, as told by A, K, and I.

    Welp, A and K are here, and decided to put up a bio blog post. I begged them to not, but they are letting mehelp.

    A: Her name is unknown, but everyone calls her Crystal, wich is the name of all her OCs. Original much?
    K: *is glaring at A* We know her name! Its T-*I just interupted her typing* Bad K!

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Well, the sleepover was pretty much a fail, but I had fun! · 2:19pm Jan 15th, 2015

Ugh, gotta pos this quickly, I am late for school.

Last night I saw the joyful return of my old friend A. I thought that since I have two friends now, I should introduce them. They fought a little when K mentioned she was a bro, but I thought it was fine. I have never been more fucking wrong. I should never have armed the book fort with a book cannon.

I was passed out in between the two forys, which were large enough for two people. It was a long night what whith playing SSB, doing makeovers, discussing shows, and eating snacks. I was so tired that when I woke up, I couldn't remeber where I was fro fiveseconds. Then I lifted my head, only to be hit with a book. It was so muchfun!

Apperantly K was watching pewds on her phone, A saw this, and quickly ducked into the book fort. K took the hint, slid into the Pillow fot, ad stated strengthing it.

I am going to figure out what to do later.

I cannot think very muchd cas is tiredddddddddfghjkljkhfggggggggggggggggggggg

Ah! I had a dream that I was in a concentration camp run by slenderman, and jeff the killer came and killed us. Thats what happens when you read the diary of anne frank and then creepypastas to ceer you up.

*squee* I got a truce ad a treaty though!

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:rainbowlaugh: I freaking love this/

How was this a failure?

I'm glad you're happy and that things are looking up.

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