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  • 461 weeks
    Peculiar new landmark.

    Unless I'm mistaken, I just got my first follower that I didn't follow first. They are Bobthekeng2468. I was wondering if this would happen.

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  • 464 weeks
    I met the 750 follower goal.

    Another landmark for gearsofsolitude.

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  • 469 weeks
    I'm not getting banned!

    As much as Eldorado hates me, as long as I keep the number of people I follow under 20 per week, I can't be banned for following people.

    Also, I ended up doing a rough analysis that showed that out of everyone I've followed:

    18.32% Give me full support.
    7.71% Flat out don't like me.
    3.12% Are dead accounts.
    70.85% Don't care either way.

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  • 470 weeks
    A Follower was banned.

    It would appear that the user A Follower was banned for what is now called "spam following" because some users find receiving follows that they don't believe that they earned to be annoying or even insulting. The people banned for this are those that are attempting to follow everyone on Fimfiction.

    What makes me different:

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  • 473 weeks
    Second Follower Goal Reached!

    I have surpassed Lilith911. That is all.

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I Broke 400! · 6:29am Jan 1st, 2015

that is all.

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404, followers not found. Also, you'd better fix that 400 quick, before they find out it was you! ;P

2692776 I didn't do it, I swear. Also I had 405 about a few hours ago. I wonder what happened.

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