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What now · 2:36pm Jun 25th, 2012

OK, so I haven't written anything in a while. I was in a depressive funk there for a time, and couldn't bring myself to write anything. You most likely have had a period of time when something similar has happened to you too, so you know how things can get. So, now that I want to write again, I am just kind of sitting here thinking, "what should it be?"

I decided that I'll ask my few followers what they would like to see. I anticipate that pretty much no one will answer, but I figured it's still worth a shot. If you want me to write something, then let me know with your comments, please.

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Maybe something longer than one chapter? *hint hint* :trollestia: You might want to try writing in unexplored genre, think of story and maybe construct some adventure type romance or something like that.

This is a tough question to answer for someone else. But I can give you a few ideas I've had laying around. Maybe one will make a good prompt.

:twilightsmile: Twilight asks Celestia out on a date, but Celestia refuses. Twilight continues to pursue the matter, inventing a checklist of real or imagined obstacles she must overcome before she can claim her very special somepony. Obstacles like not being an alicorn herself, or the fact that Celestia just doesn't feel that way about her. Add or remove dark elements to taste. She might have to "borrow" a pair of wings from some pegasus. And there was that old potion the Cutie Mark Crusaders brewed up...

:raritywink: Rarity walks out the door of Carousel Boutique one day to find that fashion has gone back in time by over a decade. Or is she the one who's been time traveling? She quickly discovers that she's up against a mysterious opponent who's been changing little things throughout history, and it's her mission to put them back the way she remembers them. Assuming that how she remembers them is how they're supposed to be.

:trollestia: Tired of being portrayed as a malicious trickster, tyrant, and sexual deviant by members of the brony community, Princess Celestia gathers an army and marches on Earth. It's time to spread love and kindness to a whole new empire. First BronyCon, and then the world!

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