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Hey everypony this Poppyman65 I have some stories that you might like I'm kinda a new comer of writing anyway most of my stories are going to be 4 to 3 years in the future

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Fair Well My Dear Fimfiction. · 5:14pm Dec 4th, 2014

Hey Everypony you are probably wondering where all my stories and blogs went.

Well I deleted them for a reason anyway if you are reading this then you are probably watching me, you can stop watching me if you want because I'm leaving Fimfiction and I won't be coming come back (At all) so that's it I'm sorry that I couldn't finish Tricks and Spikes. But I hope you well go on wither you read my stories or not I just want to tell you....

Thanks for the Support in my stories and for the watches but you can stop watching me if you want I won't be making anymore stories,blogs, etc.

I'm also handing my group down to Bad Dragon

Anyway here's the last peace out.

Peace my brony friends. :ajsmug:

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Sorry you're going, wish I downloaded ya fics to read more.

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