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  • 44 weeks
    New story in works... possibly... maybe.

    It has been a while...two years since my last blog post, though I doubt there are people who care anymore.
    To those that do care: I've been spending the last two years writing green on 4Chan. I believe I have gotten better enough to come back here and write something finally.

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  • 120 weeks
    Rethinking stories: A Space Epic

    Hey guys. After failing to come up with a good idea on a Fallout Equestria story, I decided to rethink on what I should write about. So, I came up with this: A Space Epic. A Sci-Fi space exploration story about ponies, humans, and all sorts of alien creatures. Inspired by a bunch of Space novels including: A Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. I'll get to writing it as soon as I can, but don't

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  • 139 weeks
    To my followers

    So after about a year with no writing, I finally started writing again. The story is a new Fallout Equestria story that should do better than Saddle Arabia. I've taken a writing class and taking another one this year so I think I've improved.

    So, wish me luck!

    Edit: If you don't believe me the prologue has about... 1,500 words already typed.

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  • 214 weeks
    Story cancelled

    Fallout Equestria: Saddle Arabia has been cancelled, due to the story not doing so well. However, I'm making another Fallout Equestria story. That I hope will do much better.

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  • 220 weeks
    my B-day is coming

    birthday in December:yay:

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my B-day is coming · 7:52pm Nov 29th, 2014

birthday in December:yay:

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