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  • 62 weeks
    New story in works... possibly... maybe.

    It has been a while...two years since my last blog post, though I doubt there are people who care anymore.
    To those that do care: I've been spending the last two years writing green on 4Chan. I believe I have gotten better enough to come back here and write something finally.

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  • 138 weeks
    Rethinking stories: A Space Epic

    Hey guys. After failing to come up with a good idea on a Fallout Equestria story, I decided to rethink on what I should write about. So, I came up with this: A Space Epic. A Sci-Fi space exploration story about ponies, humans, and all sorts of alien creatures. Inspired by a bunch of Space novels including: A Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. I'll get to writing it as soon as I can, but don't

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  • 156 weeks
    To my followers

    So after about a year with no writing, I finally started writing again. The story is a new Fallout Equestria story that should do better than Saddle Arabia. I've taken a writing class and taking another one this year so I think I've improved.

    So, wish me luck!

    Edit: If you don't believe me the prologue has about... 1,500 words already typed.

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  • 231 weeks
    Story cancelled

    Fallout Equestria: Saddle Arabia has been cancelled, due to the story not doing so well. However, I'm making another Fallout Equestria story. That I hope will do much better.

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  • 237 weeks
    my B-day is coming

    birthday in December:yay:

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up for help with stories · 3:09am Nov 10th, 2014

if you didn't read my bio. I'm up for ideas that could help improve my writing or my stories. if you have any suggestions. don't be afraid to speak up.

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