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    I made a poem about a pillow.
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    You sleep on them.


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    The Six

    Twilight Sparkle
    Her coat is purple
    Her mane is pink
    And purple
    And blue.
    Her cutie mark
    Is a pink-white star
    That shines almost as bright
    As the crown upon her head
    And not nearly as bright
    As the twinkle in her eyes.
    Princess Twilight
    Was Celestia right?
    To choose a unicorn as clueless as you?
    I think she was
    Only because
    You were the only one brave enough to do

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The Six · 2:13am Oct 28th, 2014

Twilight Sparkle
Her coat is purple
Her mane is pink
And purple
And blue.
Her cutie mark
Is a pink-white star
That shines almost as bright
As the crown upon her head
And not nearly as bright
As the twinkle in her eyes.
Princess Twilight
Was Celestia right?
To choose a unicorn as clueless as you?
I think she was
Only because
You were the only one brave enough to do
That you did.
And how you did it
mattered too.
Twilight Sparkle
How do you do?
How do you like that castle of yours?
And you wings as well?
I can't tell
Whether you wanted any of this
to happen at all.
You beat the villains
And earned your friends
They were all you needed.
No need
For a crown on your head.
Though you deserve it
And Celestia chose you
Was it a kingdom that you really needed?
Oh, Twilight Sparkle
Your kingdom awaits
Your friends have been waiting
as well.
Choose your fate.

Rainbow Dash
Her coat is blue
Her mane is her name.
But- does she know it?
Rainbow Dash
Fastest flyer
Does she know that she is a liar?
Her hair is rainbow.
She flies like lightning.
Why not, Rainbow light?
Rainbow bolt?
Oh yes! The Wonderbolts.
Why did you put
All your effort
Into a team that you are better than?
You know you're the fastest.
You're in cahoots with the captain.
So why must you get accepted
When you know you're the best?
Is it the fame?
The fortune?
The fun?
You can always clear the skies
In Ponyville
With your friends.
You can fly to the wonderbolts.
The Wonderbolts wait for you
Up in the clouds.
Your friends wait
In their homes
Just seeing
If you'll turn
Down to the ground
Away from the clouds.
Do you choose up
or down
or are you a coward?
Stay in the middle.
Lets see how that goes.

Pinkie Pie
Her mane is fluffy.
Her pet's name is Gummy.
Her cutie mark is a balloon,
She likes eating cakes.
But she doesn't make pie.
That's Applejacks job.
I wonder why.
Her Pinkie Sense
Helps her with her duty
To make the world smile-
Each and every
One of her friends
She considers the very very best.
Is this a good thing?
Isn't it sweet?
I'm not so sure.
Listen to this-
How would you like to see your best friend
Walk up to somepony and give them their mail?
It's a good deed
I would be fine
But not if the pony
stole what was mine.
What if my best friend was Pinkie Pie?
She'd hand me my mail and then say goodbye.
Then she'd walk up to my neighbor and say,
"Here's your mail, do you want me to stay?"
I'd watch her bounce in
To the pony's house.
And check to see if she'd ever come out.
When she would, I'd be in my room
Thinking, not crying.
Sure, she's my friend, and a really good one.
But she just has so many.
One day I would wonder
Am I still one?

Beautiful mane.
Purple and wavy.
A clean white coat.
Never miss a beat
Or a thread
Or a stitch
Nearly anything.
Always with her friends
Or making dresses
Does she see her sister's messes?
That's the thing-
She's with her friends.
What about Sweetie and Opal?
Opal was a happy cat
Keeping Rarity company
Opal was so very good
Never complained.
Rarity was so very good
Generous, indeed.
But Rarity saw right through
The fake smile
On her poor Sweetie.
Sweetie Belle would laugh and smile
So Rarity could finish her dresses
Quietly Sweetie would hum
Her favorite tune
Until she was tired.
When Sweetie slept,
Rarity worked
Or was out with her friends
And Sweetie Belle hoped that A Sisterhooves Social would come again.
Rarity, Rarity.
Don't you see?
You need to spend time with your family.
Though you work your very hardest-
Very hard, I'll emphasize.
Sit down for a cup of tea.
But give Sweetie a bite of your biscuit.
Aren't you "Generosity?"

Babs Seed.
Fruit bats.
Acres of trees.
When these words are spoken, It's Applejack I see.
Caught up in your apples much?
No, really!
You love your sister
Apple Bloom
So love ain't a problem
In this case.
So what is?
Is there one?
Theres always a problem
When you're looking for one.
Comes with the job of
You're always
On top of things.
But sometimes
You're over the top.
Just because you've got no blue ribbons
Doesn't mean you can't go back home.
Go ahead.
Buck those apples.
Just don't
lose your head.

Anything gentle
Is how you describe
Element of kindness
You can't stop her heart from loving
Each and every animal
Each and every creature as well.
But why is she so afraid?
There is always a price to pay
For being somepony good in the world.
Spreading kindness
Spreading laughter
Spreading magic though Equestria.
But why oh why,
Must you be so incredibly shy?
If you were to stand up a bit
You could conquer the world-
Well, maybe.
There's a fire
In Rainbow Dash's heart.
In yours,
There's a candle.
It's almost done lighting.
Work those wings.
Show 'em what you've got.
You're more than a pony who owns a barn.
You have to spread kindness
Like Pinkie spreads laughter.
Or what's the point
Of being an element
If you can't sacrifice your time
And care
And effort?
You have to give what you have-
Or at least share it.
Try a hop, skip, and jump.
Then you've got it!
Now spread your wings.
Can you do it all the way?
By the time you can,
And proudly, not to mention,
You'll be ready
You'll be steady
To do your part
In helping the world
Without conformity.
You've already kind of got the hang of it.
You became friends with a draconequus.

Blue Valentine / Skybelle Blue / Layla

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..... I am speachless. .... I read it all. CRAZY :pinkiecrazy:

2560278 ..... not only you..... your sis too.....You both are..... but..... in a good way

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