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Twilight Sparkle and company had been zapped into Spike's comic book because of Spike's own fault. But at exactly the same time, Humdrum was doing it with a comic book of the Mane 6. So, while the Mane 6 and Spike were the new Power Ponies, and were trying to learn how to tame their powers, the real Power Ponies, trapped in Equestria, tried to learn how to be normal ponies for the day, and not mess up the reputation of the Mane 6. But while they're at it, the real Power Ponies actually defeat a group of villains which had come back to take revenge on the Mane 6, and actually end up saving Ponyville.

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Sweetie Belle was always an annoyance to Rarity. And Sweetie Belle knew it. She thought that Rarity didn't care about her, and never wanted to bond with her. One day, something horrible happens to Rarity. Sweetie is infuriated. "If I can't have a sister," Sweetie says. "Neither can you."

Make sure you say goodnight to your sister before you go to bed. Who knows if she'll be there in the morning?

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James, known as Carla, has a best friend named Laelia. But what happens when James wants a hamburger? Will the world be destroyed? Could lives be changed forever? Could babies not be born? Could James's best friend steal her real, and forever cool name? Find out when you read... eVIL gRAPES!!!

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Twilight Sparkle runs a school called The Sparkle Academy. Ponies are taught certain things there, and sometimes its the exact opposite. If you can't take what Twilight expects, you will regret ever coming.

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Derpy Hooves is a clumsy pony, with deformed eyes. Sometimes she thinks low of herself and that no pony likes her. But when a certain pony comes along, he lets Derpy know what a great pony she is, no matter what kind of problems she has.

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