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Infinty Blade Brony

List of names past: Dovahbrony, Dragonborn of Steel, The Son of Sparda, The Chosen Undead, and Joshua Hawke

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  • 390 weeks
    Nother name change guys

    It's Dovahbrony, Chosen Undead, etc etc. changed my name again

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  • 391 weeks
    Dragon Age Inquisition rocks

    It's an epic game so far as I've seen. I'm an Elvish Rouge named Kohai, and I plan on romancing Casandra. The game has so much content in each area I haven't even traversed the first section outside the prolouge and HQ.

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  • 391 weeks
    Ima Loose my shit!

    In Dark Souls I finally reached Ass-Rape Londo after traversing Shit hole fortress. Now Ornstien, and Smough are beating my ass over, and over...I need a hug..., and some humanity so I can kindle a bonfire

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    New Story idea give me your opinon

    Sin City Chronicles: Equestria

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    My new theme song

    Right here

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Update · 12:38am Oct 23rd, 2014

Well I won Dragon Age 2.
Joshua Hawke sided with the mages, romanced Merril, befrineded all but Fenris, and mastered Blood magic...I'd say I did rather well.

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A mage really... I chose warrior... Because sometimes I like being a brute.

2550516 Can a warrior freeze you in ice, then use blood magic to controll your mind? No? I thought so.

2551051 But they can cancel out your magic altogether...

2552024 Nope. In dragon age 2 only mages can do that. Templars just have magic resistance, and drain mana as they hit a Mage. Blood Magic bypasses those abilities.

Oh well! I couldn't care less.

I'd prefer be Playing Warframe... Than playing Dragon age or Dragon age 2.

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