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You've probably been anticipating this for a while now, and here it is; the sequel to How I Met Derpy.
As the proud parent alongside Derpy, I've taken up the task of recording the life of my daughter, Snow Cloud, as she begins school. Here's the life of my little filly as she struggles in everyday life in her conquest to make friends and learn her special talent.
Guess stars in this story:
Pen Stroke's Nyx from Past Sins (she's adorable).
Lowell (AKA Valentine-crin).
Lightningstorm740 (Her real name is Megan. She is an excellent writer in my opinion. Check out her page. She even has more followers than I as proof of being good at what she does).
Gage (though you all may know him as Dovahbrony).
Finally, there's the famous Derpy Hooves (her character tag isn't there because you can only put a maximum of 5 character tags).
Story now with new cover art!

Chapters (8)

Pen strokes Nyx and Slendermares Crimson Fang work together to over come bully's, supernatural forces, beings from other dimensions, and birthdays.
A collab between me and Slendermare go to her page to read Crimsons POV when it's available.
(The Anthro tag comes into play in chapter 6)
Contains the following ships:
Sweetiebelle x Applebloom
Lowell x Applejack
Gage x Fluttershy
Lightning Storm x Rainbow Dash
Crim x Button Mash
Nyx x Dante Fleetfoot (we just call him Dante though)
Snow Cloud x Dazed Feathers
Crystal Sands x Purple Star
Ian x Derpy
Go here to get to Slendermares page

Chapters (13)

Yep. It's true. I live in Equestria now. Ever since a few days ago. It started with Derpy Hooves, who fell through a hole and landed in an alleyway on her head. I found her, and some interesting things happened since then, and this is the story that tells all.
(Warning: tagged teen for mild swearing, suggestive themes, and a lovestruck Derpy).
WARNING: a sequel will be here soon for those of you who love this one. The link will be below this edit here when it's online and posted and all the formalities.
Edit: THE SEQUEL IS UP!!! YAY!!! To go to the sequel, click here.

Chapters (9)

An ancient enemy decides to torment Ponyville. Sabre had long feared its legend, and now he had to face it, but not alone. Fluttershy, Rairity, Twilight, and a new friend come with me to stop The Arrival! But all does not go as planed.
(Third installment in Sabre's storyline)

Ocs used
Celestial Sabre- Me
Midnight Black- Black (That's his steam name)
Slappy Hooves/ Doctor Gem- My Cousin Max.

Chapters (7)

After Rainbow Dashes death at the "Rainbow Factory" incedent I was given her element, and a task to protect Ponyville at all costs. As the Changeling army threatens the town I must confront it. I will either win the fight or die trying! But three ponies aren't going to let me die on there watch!
(Sequel to The Shining Sabre)
Slendermare is making a fic that is a continuation to mine soon check it out.

Chapters (9)

Celestial Sabre attempts to stop the foalnappings that have been happening after a call from Miss.Cheerilee his cousin, who confirms Scootaloo her sisters disappearance the trail leads to Cloudsdale to a very shady factory.
Spin off of rainbow factory centered on the quest taken by Canterlots most loyal warrior!

Chapters (8)