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List of names past: Dovahbrony, Dragonborn of Steel, The Son of Sparda, The Chosen Undead, and Joshua Hawke

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    Nother name change guys

    It's Dovahbrony, Chosen Undead, etc etc. changed my name again

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  • 391 weeks
    Dragon Age Inquisition rocks

    It's an epic game so far as I've seen. I'm an Elvish Rouge named Kohai, and I plan on romancing Casandra. The game has so much content in each area I haven't even traversed the first section outside the prolouge and HQ.

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  • 392 weeks
    Ima Loose my shit!

    In Dark Souls I finally reached Ass-Rape Londo after traversing Shit hole fortress. Now Ornstien, and Smough are beating my ass over, and over...I need a hug..., and some humanity so I can kindle a bonfire

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  • 392 weeks
    New Story idea give me your opinon

    Sin City Chronicles: Equestria

    Read More

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  • 393 weeks
    My new theme song

    Right here

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New Story idea give me your opinon · 2:45am Nov 13th, 2014

Sin City Chronicles: Equestria

Sin City. Home of the seven story tower also known as the home of the Seven Deadly Sins Wrath, Greed, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. They rule the city enforcing their sphere of influence...that's were the group called the Virtues come in. The Virtues are a group of people of any ages or genders that embody the long sence departed virtues of humanity: Trust, Justice, Vengance, Peace, Vigor, Love, Friendship, and Valor. They are the city's only hope, but with the recent death of their leader Valor they flock out to find his reincarnation, and bring them to the order. This reincarnation is Noah Issacs. A normal teenage kid with a strong sence of, you guesed it, valor...not enough to govern his life though he is still mischievous. After a few days travel he arrives, and meets the current leader Friendship...she has purple skin, and bacon pattern hair...her name...Twilight Sparkle.
Art is not mine I found it on the internet, and I'm pretty sure the idea is original...I hope.

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