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"Plagues, blights, and swarms of insects are my heralds, and the screams of the tormented are my chorus."

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  • 356 weeks
    I'm a Liar

    Simple as that. After reading through a bunch of stories, I realized how bad mine was in comparison, so before I do anything new, I'm going back and re doing a bunch. I'll post another blog post when everything is updated, as I'm probably going to change a lot in terms of mechanics after re reading a bunch of stories with better ideas than I. That's really it. Until next time.

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  • 365 weeks
    New Story! Sort Of!

    So, I'm almost done with the next chapter for The Gateway, but I just can't get the motivation to finish it. So, I've decided to do the smart thing, and instead of just arduously going through it and write a sub par chapter, I'm going to start a bit of a new story, which you should see relatively soon. Right now, I'm just going through the actual story creation and trying to lay out the basis of

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  • 366 weeks

    This is going to be a quick one. Basically, midterms are coming up, so chapter 7 will be delayed for a while. I'll try to work on it between breaks in work and my personal life, but it won't be coming out this weekend as I planned;there's just too much to do. Maybe... Never mind, I'm in a rush, and I have to start doing my mid term review work, as always until next time.

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  • 366 weeks
    Chapter 7 Progress

    Hey everyone, just a quick little progress update. If you're wondering why chapter 7 is taking so long, I'll give you a hint. It is now the longest chapter ever written for this story, and I still have a bit to write. Also, I've been reading a couple of fics on this site, and I think I've realized something very important. My fic sucks XD. In all honesty, the first two chapters are in my opinion

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  • 369 weeks
    Updates, Delays, and Christmas Break

    So, there are probably some of you that are wondering why I didn't get a chapter out last weekend like I said I would. Short answer- solar power. Long answer- slightly more complicated. Basically, my keyboard for my computer is solar powered, and it ran out of battery due to me forgetting to leave it out under my windowsill whenever I wasn't using it to get charged. This was more of a problem

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A Change of the Change of Plans · 1:13am Sep 19th, 2014

So, basically, I couldn't find a way to make the story I said I was working on mlp without it being extremely forced and overall un enjoyable, so because I would say I'm decent at poetry and greatly enjoy it, I decided hey, why not make it into a poem. So, enjoy, tell me what you think, and if you would like me to do more things like these. As always, until next time

Spirit Wolf
Alone, a wolf sat for time immortal
In the middle of a frosty clearing
His eyes were a striking crimson color
His coat, as white as the purest snow
Alone, a wolf sat for time immortal
Guardian of the forest
Time was a concept he didn't understand
So he waited
And waited
And waited
Until he would be needed again

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