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DJ Flamingskull809 is so cool he's my other brother he actually turbo friend outside he really nice too got to meet him. Happy Now, Loves everyone now, Don't touch my warlord artemis lao. Still shy

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What is your mlp creepy pasta · 1:55am Jul 13th, 2014

Bashful Breanna
How you look: Blue main, Pink coat, Green eyes, a yellow hoodie.
Weapon: Your whooves (Impressive. You don't need no weapons!)
Race: Pegasus.
mlp friend: Fluttershy and rainbow factory.
Owner: Hoodie
Other friends: Hoodie, Masky, Sally
Theme song: Secret
Image of her.

Cutie Mark:Blood splatters.(But your hoodie covers it so..Yeah)

Your story:
You were beloved by all. No pony had EVER bullied you. They would always say that you were " Sweet, Adorable, Huggable, cute" And other nice things. You thought that nothing could go wrong. That is until the new girl came. She looked to be a goth pony. She had a black messy main, Dark purple coat, Dark green eyes, and a Black cross as a cutie mark. You thought that she was depressed, and Used colors to express herself. You walked up to her and gave her a smile. "H-hello there. Want t-to be friends?" All she did was glare at you. "Move it stuttering freak" You were shocked on what just happened. You were never called Names. So you ran to the bathroom, and cried there. Rage soon filed your body as you decided to punish her. After school, You followed her to her home without getting caught. Once you arrived there. It was a Huge golden mansion. You Couldn't believe it. Rage built up in you more, because she was one of those snooty rich girl. She soon walked into the Everfree forest. at night for some reason. And you Followed her deeper and deeper into it. You soon accidentally stepped on a twig, causing her to look back. She looked confused at first, then she Looked horrified as you pinned her down. And began to punch her face over, and over, and over. Until It was fully mashed. You cleaned yourself up by a nearby lake, And headed home. When you woke up. You saw your cutie mark and panicked. It wouldn't wash off To make things worse. However, You were lucky that you had your yellow hoodie to cover it. At school, Ponies began to wonder where the new pony was. This went on for three days straight, Then you had enough. You went to the ladies bathroom and locked it. And Killed them with your own whooves one by one. Then you whispered without stuttering "5 can keep a secret if 4 of them is dead." Went to your 4th class to see your teacher. And quickly killed her and said "2 can keep a secret if 1 of them is dead." The boys locker room. Easy as pie. You brutally murdered them one by one and yelled "10 CAN KEEP A SECRET IF 9 OF THEM IS DEAD! HAHAHAHAHA" you laughed psychopathic. After you killed almost all of the ponies at school. You went to the office to see your principal, Hiding pathetically under her desk. "B-BREANNA! QUICK! HIDE SO YOU WON'T DIE!" She half yelled half whispered. All you did was smile and slowly killed her. Before she could die you whispered "2 can keep a secret if 1 of them is dead" And left the school for more victims.

How you met the pastas:
You were Just flying in the everfree forest carelessly. The warm spring breeze felt good. Until you smashed into somepony. It was none other than the sweet and adorable fluttershy. "O-OH MY! I-I'M SO S-SORRY FLUTTERSHY!" you appologised. She looked angry, and was about to reach for something .Until she saw your cutie mark. She then smiled and gestured you to follow her. You did so, and ended up at her cabin. She led you to her basement where there was a portal. You and Fluttershy walked in and saw....HUMAN?!?! even fluttershy was one. But you were still a pony. You got a bit scared and walked backwards. ending up bumping into someone. It was a boy in an orange hoody "P-please don't be afraid. I-I won;t hurt you." you calmed down for a bit and talked to him "H-hey. I-if it is O-okay with Y-you. C-can I m-maybe...Keep you?" You smiled and nodded yes. As he puts a yellow collar on you. Later on you went killing with him.

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2278707 you're such a talented writer. Wanna talk on Google hangouts, BTW?

*i encounter this pony one day* hello miss! Might I be of assistance?

Weapon: Your whooves (Impressive. You don't need no weapons!)

Hooves. Unless tour weapon of choice is doctor whooves.

2278892 Hehe, well I was you know making my own...

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