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DJ Flamingskull809 is so cool he's my other brother he actually turbo friend outside he really nice too got to meet him. Happy Now, Loves everyone now, Don't touch my warlord artemis lao. Still shy

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Don't you dare. -.- · 2:42am Jul 16th, 2014

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Whoa... um... who is this boyfriend?

2289764 Warlord Artemis Tao.

2289772 Oh by the way my brother is going to be making a new movie so be ready.

*steps back very slowly....................then turns and runs away with arms swinging around like a cartoon character.*

2289941 I may be tough, but I an't stepping near you with that in your hands.

2289954 I won't let you touch my WarLord Artemis Tao.

2289961 *raises hands* OK....OK....we are all friends here I hope just put the chainsaw down. I'm not gonna hurt anyone.

2289967 *Puts chainsaw down.

2289990 *sigh* Good.

2289997 *smiles back*

*Touches, but is more like an annoying poke*

OH GOD NOT THAT VIDEO GAME! *runs away screaming*

2289799 you find THAT endearing?! You know what, that's probably a good sign.

2291253 good bye! I'm going back to my roleplaying, thank you very much. Actually, no, first *pokes you then teleports away*

2291597 FuQ the what? Lol okay then :rainbowlaugh:

wow... that pony with a chainsaw is quite sexy

But what if I dare then? :rainbowlaugh:

2295868 Let's just say.

2295885 You'll be stuck with me for awhile.

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