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FiM Fiction Review: The Equestrian Origins (Part 3): The Pendant and the Amulet · 1:56am Jun 30th, 2014

We're finally here. I’ve review all three of the Equestrian Origins Trilogy. Links to all the reviews, and stories, are after the review. While my reviews of this trilogy’s first two parts weren't at all positive, Cerulean Voice’s third and final addition to the series certainly did surprise me in a few ways. To describe it in a few words: The Pendant and the Amulet's introduction is solid. Pendant manages to build on its main characters from Keeper of the Crystal Heart and avoids many of the problems its predecessor faced. It also provides a good introduction to the plot and foreshadows the antagonist excellently. Unfortunately, The Pendant and the Amulet already has some flaws. I was told The Pendant and the Amulet is only about 25-percent complete but even its opening chapters hint towards some of the problems its like to face. Check out the full review after the break!

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The Pendant and the Amulet by Cerulean Voice
Incomplete (last updated 24th Jun 2014)

Three months have passed since the foundation of the Crystal Empire, the changeling race's surrender and Crystal Princess Aura's ascension. The first Crystal Fair, held to commemorate the princess' birthday, has been planned as an Equestria-wide celebration in her honour.

Meanwhile, something stirs on the western border: a timeless evil that once cast itself into stasis. Princesses Celestia and Luna—new to the ruling of Canterlot Citadel—must work with their new Elements to contain the threat and prove that they belong on the highest seats of power. Read it here.

Tags:Romance, Dark - Rating: Teen (for mild violence and mild suggestive themes)
Words: 35,177 words total - Part of the Equestrian Origins Trilogy

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Read the full review here.

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