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We need more people like Happy · 3:27pm May 7th, 2014


You guys are all faggots. <3

Great, now that that's out of the way...

Out of all the groups in FIMfiction, 'Plan 9 from Equestria' disgusts me the most.

If you're part of them and take part in the activities they do, that's great. I think you're super-faggot. Moving on.

These guys, whether you've been paying attention to site activity or not, are like a bunch of gang bullies. Whether or not their process is justified is up to your upbringing.

1st step: They find a shit story with a multitude of downvotes.

2nd step: They review it down to the rotten core, exposing all it's ugly and inexperienced parts for readers to see.

3rd step: Wait for the inevitable rage-like reaction of an author with low self-esteem issues.

4th step: Tell the whole group about how 'autistic' the author is, all 400+ of em.

5th step: Gang rape, comment abuse, and downvote bombing.

Aftermath: Downward spiral that leads to author making a fool out of themselves.

They take act like a bunch of white knight crusaders purging the site of "bad fanfiction and autistic writers", when really they're just a bunch of elitist kids looking to stroke their own egos by bullying others with obvious social problems. And peeps with social problems already have it bad as it is.

Justified or not, this is mass cyberbullying.

Here's something from their forum admin on a suggestion on how to make their group 'better' and improve their "efficiency".

b) Organizing shit so we can coordinate our reviews and maximize butthurt potential. Face it, given enough time to digest the words of your well-written "Fuck You" speech, the autistic writers will most likely just shrug it off as a lone "hater" or some other carebear word. In order to combat this, the most effective way is to apply overwhelming force. Similar to how the Native Americans defeated aliens way back in 2003.

With whatever influence I have over you guys, please do not join in on this kind of behavior. If possible, let your friends or followers know about this too so they stay away from this. I harass people (specifically by myself) as an annoyance, not as a will-breaker and a heart crusher. Friendship is Magic indeed.

If you don't believe me, you can check out their forums for yourself.

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