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Age of Wonders 3 · 11:01pm Apr 2nd, 2014

Alright, just me doing a little bit of a fan rant.

Age of Wonders was actually one of the first video games series that I ever got interested in a story with.
and it started with the demo for Age of Wonders 2.

I was a young boy who had bought a PC gaming mag that came with a demo disk.

Included on this disk were demos for Dungeon Siege, another game I had some fun with, and Age of Wonders 2

It only came with one game scenario and only had two playable sides in that scenario, but I played the ever loving hell out of it, and wanted to actually get into the series from there.

Sadly, it would be many a year before I actually would get the chance to play any of the full games, but I sure as hell was not disappointed with them.

I highly recommend this series for everyone who enjoys a good fantasy/rpg/strategy.

But anyways, something I came across while playing AW3. Was the unit description for the Unicorn Unit.

Its in poem form. and reads, thus.

"Fairest creature of the forest mists,
a regal ringing voice persists.
A horned stallion appears fantastic,
ever singing that friendship is magic.

A glow of power, it teleports fast,
beauty and grace, never surpassed.
It pranced for a song of ponies born,
impaling evil on it's enchanted horn.

Sparkle, twinkle, twilight gleam,
My mystical magical unicorn dream!"

There are many reasons I like Age of Wonders 3, this just added to them. ^^

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Comments ( 3 )

Never head of Age of Wonders but that has me interested.

Its available on Steam and Gog.com all four games.

1977820 I'll take a look-see later.

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