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Diablo III, so far it's meh. · 9:05pm Mar 27th, 2014

I played Diablo III, and it honestly looks like someone copied Path of Exile. Granted I haven't played any other Diablo game, so I don't know if it always played like that.
(Well I went back and looked into the game more because this just didn't sound right. Apparently I'm only on normal mode, and it really was easy mode before that. So you have to pay for the full version for 'hard' and 'intense' difficulty modes, so maybe it's difficult then, but I don't like how they have easy modes free while the challenging modes are paid for. I'd rather be able to play through at any difficulty setting and just be limited to a certain part of the campaign. That might just be me though.)

I don't have the full version, and there's a 'hardcore mode' which if it's like PoE, then it just means when you die your character is deleted, or rather, reduced permanently in difficulty. It may as well be the same thing. But anyway, it's way too easy. Normal mode may as well be casual. As a mage I'm able to shoot an ice 'laser beam' and it absolutely kills everything ever, and 90% of the time enemies don't even visibly lower my health. I've blown through boss fights in less than ten seconds. Hard mode is somewhat challenging, and by challenging I mean the enemies put up a fight instead of almost instantly dying. I haven't been killed so far, and I haven't used potions, and I haven't even gotten close to dying. I haven't played through a lot of it, but it's not giving me a good first impression. At this rate I may as well go back and play PoE, it has a lot more personalization with trait points at every level up, letting you choose what you'll specialize in. Diablo III isn't a bad game, it's just not great.

While you don't need to pay to play Diablo, you're locked out of content that would probably make it more difficult, and more fun.

Overall the storyline hasn't drawn me in at all, and I don't emphasize with any of the characters, maybe you need to be a Diablo fan to understand things better. And since the game is barely challenging me, it feels like a lot of wasted time.
I'll half-quote Egoraptor, 'Would you rather enjoy a good quality dessert, or scarf down a lot of worthless junk foods mindlessly.' Comparing Games like Castlevania to Hack and slash grind fest games.

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