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Some aliases I go by are Eru Iluvatar, and Melkor. Sometimes Lavender Frappe.


This is how I play Amnesia · 7:28pm Jun 5th, 2014

"No, Timmy can't come out to play. In fact, Timmy doesn't live here anymore, so you don't have to come back again. Ever."

Maybe I'll play this one later, but for now, on to not so creepy games.

Like Amnesia 2, which is rather underwhelming.

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Diablo III, so far it's meh. · 9:05pm Mar 27th, 2014

I played Diablo III, and it honestly looks like someone copied Path of Exile. Granted I haven't played any other Diablo game, so I don't know if it always played like that.

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Interested in P&P FoE? Here are some tools to help. · 3:46pm Feb 16th, 2014

I've had a lot of fun with my Fallout Equestria RPG, but I've run into bad character sheets that don't work right.
Now you could always go with simple sheets with boxes and manually entered data, but I love working spreadsheets, so I've taken the Mad Modd's character sheet and heavily modified it for my own personal use.

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So inspirational. It brings a tear to my eye. · 6:26pm Dec 4th, 2013

In response to the Boston bombing back in april, and people getting offended when you talk about tragedies.

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Horrible movie idea, or best ever!:rainbowkiss: · 9:47pm Sep 3rd, 2013

So I was bored this morning, and I thought "What would be the most ridiculous movie ever?" and I came up with this.
Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator, is the President of the United States.
He's the head of a force of Cyborg ninjas with jet packs, and their sole mission is to spread capitalism everywhere.
Their arch nemesis is Matt Damon, who is the leader of the Communist North Korea, and his army is made up of Mecha bears.
Arnold invades North Korea, and a reverse Red Dawn occurs.

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