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Just need to vent here. Please ignore if you hate whining. · 11:57pm May 14th, 2012

I just can't bloody well do it. The only story people know me for is the train wreck that is Halo: Contact Equestria, and I hate that story. It was the first serious thing I wrote, the first thing to get attention. Truth is: I can't stand it any longer. The plot is so convoluted to the extent that even I can't remember everything that's going on. There's so many damn OCs that I could make my own TV series. It's just for all intents and purposes a complete mess. It is an abomination. There's no way to fix it without a complete rewrite. It's terminal. I had hoped that I could wrap it up if I just sat here and typed. What I got was a chapter so diabolical that it put the last chapter (which I know severely sucked) to shame. I am very conflicted about this. I really want to finish this damnable story; I want it completed and to never have to touch it again. Then I go to work on it and I find myself procrastinating to such a degree that I actually end up doing school work instead. I FRIGGIN hate this story. If I came across it randomly, I wouldn't favourite it.

Please note that this is just a vent, and that, undoubtedly, the story will be completed at some point. Also to avoid retribution by Pinkie may I point out that I didn't speculate which Friday the next chapter would be done by. Hopefully this mere technicality will save me from a pink, cotton-candy infused death. I won't subjugate you to the horrors of the abominable wreck that is the chapter in its current state. A heavily doctored version should be available on Friday.

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Comments ( 8 )

Funniest 'whining' I've ever read...
Nice logic. Hopefully Pinkie pays more attention to it than she does physics...

115955 ??? What do you mean by that? I suppose you could interpret this as complaining. Meh. I'm tired and rather irritated. I'm sure I'll get over this tomorrow. After all, the show must go on...

A wild Pinkie appears. :pinkiecrazy:

... or not. Meep.

Dude, I will admit, Halo: Contact Equestria was what got you noticed by me, BUT! It was Priority: Equestria that KEPT me hooked. All In all, the question really Is, whens the next chapter? :rainbowwild:

116033 I dunno. I Pinkie swore to get a chapter of H:CE up next. I then need to revamp my Silent War chapter 2. Then I can focus on Priority Equestria chapter 5. Once H:CE is done and dusted permanently I can then move on to focus exclusively on those two fics. I like Priority Equestria, but do you think I've bogged it down with too much sciency stuff? I was looking through it again idly and I actually found the latest chapter particularly a little boring. In my attempts to introduce the reader to my school of thought, I think I forgot to actually put any action in there. Regardless, there should be some action in two chapters time. Woot.

Procrastinating so much you end up doing more work, that's never a good sign ^^
Must admit H:CE got me interested but I think you started to confuse the story a bit in the last couple of chapters and started killing off characters very quickly. A re-write doesn't have to be out of the question if that is what you want to do.

116849 I have the plot points mapped out already. It's just a matter of making them into scenes. A matter which I can't seem to do at the moment. This may actually be one of the best things to happen to me revision wise however. I was putting it off quite a lot over the past few weeks, but I've recently been doing more. Just mild speculation here.

At what point would you say that the story went belly up? I personally thought it was the second I introduced the damn cultists. At the time I thought it was a good idea, but I can see now that that was wrong. I cut cut the human characters in half and remove a lot of that fluff. I could cut the monitor and get rid of the whole ancient civilisation plot arc. I could cut Bejewelled Sabre and remove the guard insurrection. I can definitely cut the silly Nightmare Lairsey arc. I could make the story back into what it was originally meant to be. A small group of lucky survivors arrive in Ponyville and end up helping the ponies stop the flood menace. That was what the story was meant to be, before it degenerated into this wildfire. Hang on, I'm going to make another blog post.

I personally would of liked to have seen more interaction between the UNSC group that was in the wild with the Equestrians. The addition of the Flood was good and I liked the idea of the planet being forerunner but yeah the cultists were in my opinion a bit too much. But ye having more time based around the UNSC surviving and trying to maybe rescue the group that were taken captive would be nice.

Cotton-candy...? Cotton-candy...?!:twilightangry2:
You're english! It's candy floss!!!!:flutterrage:

I have no comment on your ranting other than that...

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