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First and foremost, Twilight Sparkle is the pony after my own heart :3 and as such, I love books quite a bit as well as the art of the story. I hope you enjoy the tales I weave.

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Today is a good day to do some good · 3:44pm Feb 5th, 2014

As I'm sure all of you know, we have another storm going on -.- I happen to live in Northwest Ohio and I can honestly say it sucks. A lot. If it's like that to me, you can only imagine how it can be for our elderly and handicapped neighbors that you may or may not know. I know one such person and made sure to help shovel her out, refusing her offer of money because I know she lives on a fixed income. I know it seems like a pointless mass pandering of my good deed (that may or may not have happened because this is the internet and some will always be skeptical), but, if you take nothing else from this, just take the time to help out someone who needs it. I wouldn't ask of others what I wouldn't do myself.

The ball (made of snow or otherwise) is in your court.

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It's always nice to do good! You now have my infinite respect!
Good to see other people are also goody-two shoes (it's a good thing, I'm also one!)
Oh I also live in Ohio! Snow day! XD

It definitely sucks out there right now and I know that I would be infinitely grateful if someone were to do the same for me one day :twilightsmile:

1799476 Agreed! I'd like to think that most people would do kindness for one another without much of a though!
Oh and what's your city by the way? Mine may or may not have your level of snow! :twilightblush:

Bryan in Williams County. The absolute Northwest of Ohio :rainbowlaugh:

1799502 OH GEEZ!!! :rainbowderp:

Haha, I'm in lil' ol' Sandsuky! I think you got it worse than us! :raritywink:

Just a tad :facehoof: lol I swear... you should watch the dopplar for Bryan sometime. It's like we have a dome of protection over our city. I've seen storms split around our town before :rainbowhuh:

1799516 I'll be sure to, but I'd take that!
I'm in a city that's hit by EVERYTHING!!!!!
But we actually don't get cancelled much except this year!
We've had literally like 8 snow days/wind and cold days!!! :raritycry:

Oh I has idea! Let's start a facebook page for Ohio Bronies! XD
We can have lotsa posts about our weather! EEEEVVVVVIIIIIILLL!

:rainbowlaugh: I appreciate the thought, but I don't really do Facebook :rainbowwild: I think a Fimfiction group would be better :D Speaking of which, did you go to the Canterlot Gardens in Strongsville two years ago? I was an attendee of their first convention and I must say that seeing Andrew W. K. live was something else :trollestia: That wasn't including when he was given his own ponified figurine :moustache:

1799537 Works for me! :ajsmug:
Oh, I was not! But I'd assume he would be pretty awesome to watch!!!
Wow! That's... That's... Man that sounds so awesome!!!
I've never actually been to a con! I wanna go to a MLP convention!!
LIKE REALLY BAD! *shakes you excessively*

If you have any interest in going to a pseudo-brony con/anime convention, then I highly recommend looking into Animarathon which is hosted in Bowling Green at their college. I and a few of my various Brony friends go there most every year and it's where I got my first generation Cutie Mark Corral Twilight Sparkle plushie from as well :moustache: It's a full days worth of fun and I would recommend pre-registering a.s.a.p. if you want to avoid an hour long wait in the line :facehoof:

1799572 You know, I think I will!
It sound really fun so I just might have too! :yay:
I think I will, it's not too bad a of a drive.
Oh goodness, last year I went to Ohayocon and had to wait in line an HOUR because I didn't pre-reg! :trixieshiftleft:
Since your advocating it, I'm guessing you love it? :pinkiehappy:

Regular attendee for over four years now :rainbowdetermined2: Last year I won an entire box of mlp series 4 mini figurines in the raffle :3 Metallic and crystal ponies for all my friends :rainbowlaugh: I still have quite a few left though so I would be more than willing to give you one if we manage to find one another while there :trixieshiftright:

1799595 That's awesome!
Eh, really?! That'd be very kind of you! I'd need to trade you something!!! :unsuresweetie:
Oh, yeah that'd be so cool! We should try to!!!
Yay making friends through fanbase sites!!! :twilightsmile:

Only if you want to :pinkiesmile: I don't mind getting nothing in return in all honesty... as long as I help make someone happy in the exchange :twilightsmile: I shall be in touch with you later this weekend when I have some free time to do so. I need some sleep though as I work 3rd shift and haven't slept yet lol I'll talk to you later though :twilightsmile:

1799611 Yay, friends!
Daaaaaaang. Alrighty then! Sleep is good for you.
But if ya don't get enough sleep, you become paranoid and send yourself back in time to warn your past self about the possible troubles of your future self!

Gotta watch out for that lol

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