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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm sure some of you noticed that I have been relatively quiet for a while now. That's because I have had a lot of developments occur in real life.

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Urgh..Stupid Real Life Stuff! · 1:50am May 7th, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I'm sure some of you noticed that I have been relatively quiet for a while now. That's because I have had a lot of developments occur in real life.

I have a whopping four fics that I have been working on and plan to submit to EqD in the near future. I have recently been getting several emails from people I have worked for in the past essentially begging me for help. Being the kind of guy I am, I can't stand to leave folks hanging, especially since some of those people helped me become the writer I am today. So I have been really caught up in "real life" stuff and haven't had time for pony fics, or "real fiction" (as some call it), at all.

So, for the few that actually read this thing, I ask you to sit tight. I'll get around to finishing and putting up the fics I'm working on eventually. Once my life settles down, I will get back to writing a little fiction for you guys. On the up side, I have to admit, not writing what would technically be deemed as fiction is really refreshing.

Thank you for reading, remember to smile!

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Comments ( 6 )

Taking a break is a good way to get quality back up, especially when you are exhausted.

If you need to relax, listen to Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D; quite relaxing. :moustache:

Ohs noes, my buddy SanityLost is leaving for a while?! :pinkiesad2:

I am joking. Take all the time you need bro, I understand if you need it or if real life is forcing you to do it!

We shall be here for you when you get back, cause that's what friends and fans do!

Peace, D.Blade out. :coolphoto:

My life is going a little bonkers too, but my song is starting to come together! X3 I'm so excited! But anywho, its great to here you are getting work! Bring in dat bacon! Talk to ya soon!

I always love that last line for every blog. The same for you, buddy!

I wanna be happy for you, and I truly am...b-but it doesn't feel the same when you're not here!:pinkiesad2:

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