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  • 211 weeks
    If you are in college/high school. Read This


    ^ I work in my college's writing center, and I'm an education major, if you struggle with writing use the website listed above. Pretty much, it is what we use to help people, and I think it is crazy that some places are charging students to get help with papers.

    Also, hello to anyone I had talked to before. I'm sure I still love you.

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  • 231 weeks
    What did I use to call blogs?

    I cannot recall what I use to call these things; maybe, I didn't have a name. Anyways, I have this account under my main e-mail and for the last month or so I have noticed people following a dead writer. So, I figured I would post a blog to see if those who are new to my "old" series would view this. If in fact you are new to my watch list or whatever it is called, then I have something to say...

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  • 269 weeks
    Fatty is Fat

    Ph fat that is. Anyways, I have been gone for like... idk months? So yeah if anyone still clicks on these things and wants to hear the beloved Fatty respond you may, I also will answer questions if anyone wanted to know how the MAybe series would have ended. Also I wrote a book.

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  • 284 weeks

    Well, not really; but I did want to tell everyone I am not dead! So, yay live!
    So where have I been for the last 6 months? Well, I wrote a real book series to become a read boy! ~Pinocchio joke~

    Here is the first book: the other like 10 will be out whenever I get the publisher to pull their head out of their ass. So, soon-ish...

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  • 319 weeks
    Question about MAybe series ~List update~

    Finishing of "Make it Simple" ~(Chapters)

    "Trotting for Once" - *SB/WIP/UD*

    "(Unnamed collaboration) " * UD/SB *

    WIP = Work In Progress
    UD = Undefined Release date (Not started writing yet but I have a rough draft)
    SB = Spring Boarded idea but not truly started

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Whoa! Such Fat1aty! mcuhe Waho! · 1:52am Dec 21st, 2013

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Comments ( 8 )

Not an FPS fan really. Good luck on winning though. :twilightsmile:


You kidding? If oblivion was on ps4 I would never leave. The graphics :twilightoops:

It is probably because I really really really suck at those FPS games. I tend to play RPG's or the old NHL11 game I have.

That being said, I did play and like Planetside 2 in the beta. I mainly just flew around one of the big transport planes though and repaired things as an engineer. Lol, I was on a live stream of that when the devs did one of their Friday Night Ops spotlight on my company/outfit what ever the guild was called.

Showed me flying the transport sideways from one base landing pad through the canyon to land my squad on the next outpost buildings roof. But I cannot run that anymore on my computer very well :raritydespair: Still though not a big fan of FPS.


I suck at computer games in general.

Aww I missed your stream (probably because it was 4 am in here).

Is your ps4 username same as on the stream? I would like to add you to my friendlist if that is ok.


Ya it is, but I don't talk on the system I use Skype. So if we ever played or talked it would be from that. (if you want to hear my sexy voice). :raritywink:


Okie dokie! I'll add you as soon as I get my ps4 back from repair.
I have Skype but the problem is that I only have really crappy webcam as a mic and then you also should have to be extremely patient with me since my amazing Finglish is all but fluent. :derpyderp2:

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