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Gentle notes flow from this instrument of my heart, her voice is my life line, and without her here i can feel my soul fading from the light. -Unknown

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    I'm sick of you!

    You think that you're all big and bad because you're in this circle of people that are jerks to everyone. Well news flash babe, you aren't. Your writing is terrible and your stories make no sense. I cannot even begin to think about what you do to other people just because you hate their stories. Have you forgotten what true criticism is about? You don't just openly say "Hey, fuck you and your

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    Absolute Writers Block.

    I have not been able to think of what to write in the next chapter. I am going insane!

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Absolute Writers Block. · 2:26am Nov 28th, 2013

I have not been able to think of what to write in the next chapter. I am going insane!

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I would say that "you should get into the characters head" or "become the characters themselves" but most of try your best 'for every action there is a reaction'

I hope that helped... I'm not good about story planning.

1567094 most of the time, I put myself in the story as an observer rather than omniscent and fix the POV when I write. but most of the time I am interacting with the characters themselves and focus on letting them do what they want to do and help or watch or whatever
for a story like this, try letting go of the rigid "this is a story" format and watch it all play out and take what you saw and put it into words
sorry if this doesn't help

Have you tried this?

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